Movie night with myself..whaatt

So I bit the bullet, set up my blog and wrote my first post. Yay! Now I’m chilling on my bed in a Hogwarts nightshirt, watching RuPaul’s Drag Race while I decide what horror movie to watch. By the way (because I’m sure it will come up a lot) I LOVE horror. Love it. I don’t do chick flicks or romcoms. The creepier the better. On a Sunday night I like to sneak in a horror or two before Monday comes with all its real life responsibility. I love movie nights, whether it’s alone or with someone else.

I remember a time when I told a friend from work that I was going to have a movie night when she asked what my plans were that night. A classic, Psycho. Her response was “with who?”. I said no one and she couldn’t believe it. She thought it was weird to have a movie night on your own. I didn’t understand what the big deal was. I always watch movies on my own. Especially horrors, because I only have one friend who likes horrors, so it’s not always possible to watch them with someone. Am I supposed to wait till my friends are free or when I have a boyfriend, to watching something I like? I enjoy watching a horror on my own. It’s better, you scare easier. I love picking up some Doritos, salsa, sweets, maybe even a cheeky Dominos and locking myself away with Jason or Freddy. Am I mad? Even if I am I don’t care. It makes me happy.

So I’ve decided on a horror called Circle. Maybe I can put one of my teddies beside me and that can count as watching it with someone? I’ll fit the social standard. Either that or I’ll just look demented watching movies with a teddy :/

Have a nice night and don’t let Monday bite.



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