The Rant

I hate when girls say “you’re lucky you’re single”. Girls who are married or in relationships. Am I the only one who sees the irony here? Saying this to a single girl is not empathising, it’s patronising. It is actually the most stupidest thing you can say to a single girl. I’m better off single? Then why aren’t you single? Do you understand what you just said? You are implying that you’re unlucky to be in a relationship. So why not change that? Surely that’s the solution? Obviously you don’t mean it so it is just condescending and we don’t appreciate it. And you always use it in a situation where your other half is annoying you or fighting. “Ah you’re lucky you’re single.” And you know what? I am lucky. I’m lucky I don’t have a boyfriend who cheats on me in front of my friend. Or a husband who verbally abuses me on the phone when I try to end the call. Or an other half who chooses what I wear out.

You also have no idea why I’m single. Why would you, perhaps we’re not that close. (In fact I could be cohabiting with my baby daddy and might not ever tell you) Women have different reasons for being single. Why do you feel the need to comment on my status at all? It seems to be common practice to comment on a single woman’s status (not men, but that’s a whole other ball game) making them feel the need to justify their choices. I do hope to settle down someday but that time has not arrived yet. It doesn’t make me lucky or unlucky. It just is.

So to all the single girls out there, do not feel that you need to justify your status one way or the other.

And remember, settling down does not mean you have to settle.

Bré x


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