I went to a singles night and it wasn’t terrible.

Last month I went to the famous singles night that takes place in McGowans of Phibsboro. I saw a post on Facebook and got curious. I decided to go so I took out my phone to text my friends. That’s when it hit me. Most of my friends are not single anymore :/ I only have three friends that are single: one was working late, one was broke and the other one was well up for it.

So me & Deirdre got dolled up and headed to Phibsboro with the promise of drinks, fun and maybe love (or at least lust). We were not disappointed. When we arrived we were checked in and given a glass of champagne (the cheap kind but hey, free drink is free drink). We were also given a voucher for a free shot and a playing card. All the men were given a playing card too. If you found your match you both went to the bar to get another free shot. There were games like Jenga & Buckaroo on the different tables. What I liked was that there were men & women of all ages, not just younguns. We got chatting to a few different groups of guy and girls. Everyone was really cool and friendly.

The DJ had different games organised which you could volunteer for and if you won-you guessed it, you won another drink! We volunteered for a game and it was a good laugh. (I could tell you about the games but that would ruin the surprise) We ended up chatting to two lovely girls and dancing with them for a good while. My friend spotted a fit guy, and by fit I mean his arms were huge and his legs were tiny. Not my scene but my friend loves that type of guy. We chatted to him and his friend for a while and eventually my mate ended up kissing him. His friend started kissing one of the girls we were with and her friend went off with some lad. So for a while I felt like a one..two.. fifth wheel (kill me now). But I made the most of the opportunity and  I went back to one of the groups we had talked to before and played Jenga with them for ages. Also, everytime Sean (the guy Deirdre was kissing) bought her a drink he also bought me one. Cheers Sean! There was a hot guy but he had a girlfriend- do not ask me why he was there.

So I didn’t meet Prince Charming but that’s OK. I had an awesome time, got free drink and met some cool people. I’d definitely do it again and you should too! Next on the list, speed dating!

Bré x


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