Kringy Kardashians

Hi guys,

So I was babysitting my three nephews last night so my Friday night was basically eating ice cream and playing board games. I love babysitting ha. Downside is being up at 9am to get my youngest nephew ready for his football match. His older brother just brought him off there so I have an hour to chill. I’m watching Toddlers and Tiara with a cup of tea. So cosy!

So during the week I was watching a show on Youtube called Willam’s beatdown. I love the show and I love Willam both in and out of drag. Anyway one of the clips he showed was from the Kardashian’s birthday video to Kris. Oh my God. Am I the only person who never saw this? It is the most cringe worthy material EVER! I had to go find the original clip. And I was delighted to see there is two parts to it! For anyone who like me has never seen it here you go:

So the first part is actually Kris singing a song called I Love My Friends and it’s about her turning 30. She starts listing things she loves including shops. Then the video has clips of people shouting “she loves you!”. It also features OJ Simpson twice which obviously in hindsight isn’t even cringy but morbid!

Fast forward thirty years to the second part and her daughters are recreating the video with even more auto tune. With even more designer names and celebrities all adding to the ridiculousness. It also features Kanya West saying “she loves you”. I don’t think I’ve seen someone looking so uncomfortable before (and he thinks Wiz is trapped ha).

Here is Willam’s beatdown of it!

The Kardashian’s start at 7.15 but take my advice and watch it all 🙂

I have a million things to do today before I head to my friend’s 30th so I bet get started!Enjoy your Saturday!

Bré x



Interviews Are Like First Dates

Hi everyone,happy Friday!

So first off I just want to let you know I didn’t get the job 😦 I received an email yesterday while in work to say they chose someone with more experience. I’ll be honest I felt shit because I was having a horrible day in work and this reaffirmed the fact I’m stuck there (for now) and I just wanted to cry. And to be fair, I really thought I was going to get the job so I got my hopes up.

It got me thinking. Why did I think I was going to get it? Because the interview went so well. They were really pleased with me. Or so I thought. And I realised it is exactly like dating! Particularly first dates. Think about it.

You decide on a time and day to meet. You think about the suitable clothes and make up to wear. How should you wear your hair? The beginning when you first meet is a little awkward but you start to settle in. You chat and think it is going well. They ask you question and you think they are really happy and interested in your answers. Perhaps they make a comment regarding if you were to be there in the future. By the end of it you are quite pleased at how well it has gone. You say goodbye and they say that they will be in touch.

The next day you are still happy about it and maybe you are replaying some of the things they had said. A couple of days pass and you still haven’t heard anything. You start to lose hope. But they seemed really happy with you. Did you say something wrong? Maybe you start to convince yourself you weren’t really interested anyway. I suppose what bothers you most is that you heard nothing when they had said they would call.

Or maybe they do call. And suggest meeting again to get to know each other a bit more. You have really high hopes. Another outfit. Figuring out your schedule again. You get your hopes even more. They don’t ask you to meet a second time unless they’re really interested right?

Well that’s what I thought. But no. Apparently whether you meet once or twice it doesn’t mean they’re interested. They may call you. They may not. And you have to just wait and see. And hope.

So did you relate that to dates or interviews? Or both??

Let me know what you think!!

Bré x




Celebrating your birthday when you’re single

I love birthdays. The cards, presents, spending time with and feeling the love from family and friends. It can really lift your spirits. Now truth be told, as you get older the birthday becomes less of a big deal unless it’s your 30th etc.

I thought I’d share how I spent my 26th birthday because I know you see girls on Facebook always sharing what their boyfriends bought them (flowers, purses, watches, cars-yes, fucking cars). I’m gonna start by telling you about my 25th birthday shambles. We went to the Playhouse or Show or whatever it’s called now. One of my friends came to mine to predrink. The others bailed and said they’d meet us there. Paula plied me with vodka and WKD so we arrived late and drunk. Annie brought her fucking fiancé and his friend Ronnie who likes me and I don’t like back so that was awkward. Dorothy brought her friend who she knows I don’t like (you know those girls that bring no money out and get guys to pay for everything? yep) and Jordan who persuaded me to have the night out didn’t show! We continued to drink and Dorothy thought it would be funny to play “25 kisses” and started pushing me into some guys we knew (I’m sure that’s how wooing worked back in the day- push people into each other). I thought I lost my bag but turned out one of the girls had it and I vomited. More than once. So Ellie (who doesn’t drink thank God) decided it was time to get me home. Paula tried to tell her I just needed another drink to which Ellie was like “the fuck?!” and got me in a taxi. Later I found out I was in the club a little over an hour. So 25? Drunk mess. Self loathing.

This year I didn’t want to go out drinking. I decided to take the day off work and treat myself. That morning I woke up and headed to Starbucks where I just chilled with a coffee and read for ages. Sometimes life can be so hectic you don’t have time to just sit and read. Or relax. Then I went shopping for a little bit, got a few clothes and other bits. I met my mam for lunch and chilled out. Then I went of to pamper myself at the Residence Day Spa in Naas- check out my review here:

After my amazing treatments I headed to my parents that evening. My sister also came up to see me and I got all my presents yay! On the Sunday I had all my family (parents, 4 brothers, their girlfriends, my sister her husband and my 4 nephews and niece) up for tea and finger food. I love getting all my family together because everyone works different schedules so it’s rare. We played loads of games like charades because apparently that’s a tradition now that my nephews made ha. (Not saying I don’t love it. LOVE games!) My friend Ellie also brought me for dinner in our favourite restaurant The Pattaya.

So this was actually one of my favourite birthdays. I just wanted to share it with you to maybe give you some ideas how to enjoy your birthday. I get that not everyone can take the day off work for their birthday but you should definitely make time to look after yourself. Do something you love. Don’t be talked into doing crap you don’t want to. But hey, if you want to go out and get drunk, you go get drunk (just try keep more dignity than me ha). If you don’t have much money you should check out pages like Groupon or Pigsback where you can get spa deals, nights away, goods etc with a huge discount. Or make your own spa day! Grab a face mask, booties, mittens, fancy nail polish etc, some goodies and relax watching a cheesey film or whatever your guilty pleasure is!

Hope you enjoyed this post ladies. Talk soon 🙂

Bré x







Review: Residence Day Spa

For my birthday I decided I wanted to treat myself to some pampering. I didn’t want to go to a salon, I wanted to go to a proper spa. Real pampering. I started googling different places and came across the Residence Day Spa in Naas. It was only 20 minutes from Dublin so it was quicker than going into the city centre. I saw they had a great offer on:

Full body massage, full facial, full soak in the Jacuzzi, and your choice of a mini pedicure or manicure or a lovely wash and blow dry. It takes 3.5-4 hours and includes lunch for only €99!!

You know when you see pictures online and think “nah I’m sure that’s the photos it probably doesn’t look that nice”? Well this place was beautiful.

As soon as I arrived I could feel the relaxing atmosphere. I was greeted by Julia who would be my therapist. Because I had booked on my own she asked if I would prefer to get a lash & brow tint instead of the Jacuzzi. I wasn’t that pushed on the Jacuzzi (if you go as a couple or a group of friends you would really enjoy it) so I chose the tints. She brought me to the main room with the massage beds, tub and chairs. Julia then asked if I wanted 60 minutes massage or 30 minutes body scrub and 30 minutes massage. I obviously chose the latter! Love a good scrub ha. So she left me in the room to change and get on to the bed. There were lovely white bathrobes and all. There was a list of lunch options and I just chose what I wanted before we began.

If there is anything I hate when getting a massage or facial is when the therapist talks. As soon as we began Julia didn’t make a peep. She began with the scrub, then massage and facial. Her pressure and techniques were fantastic. I’m a qualified beauty therapist and sometimes find it hard to enjoy treatments because you are focusing on what they are doing. But I just drifted away. Time slipped by and when she was finished, lunch was brought in. I got a delicious sweet chilli chicken wrap and tea.

Next I was brought to the lash room where my brows and lashes were tinted. She asked did I like my brows to look full and I do. They are naturally full but she made them look amazing! Finally Julia brought me to the nail table as I chose the mini manicure. Here we had a lovely chat. I chose a lovely deep purple. She done a great job and the polish lasted ages!

I had the best experience here and it was the perfect birthday present to myself. My favourite part was definitely the scrub. My skin felt amazing afterwards! I would really recommend this spa to anyone looking to have some alone time relaxing in good hands (pun intended), or for the girls who want to have a girly day for that special occasion, or for a couple who likes to relax and unwind together. (Remember Valentines is only around the corner!) I’ve been in touch with the Girls and they are running their special again!


Don’t forget to mention Writings Of A Single Girl when booking 😛

Bré x








My New Year’s Eve Escapades

Hi guys!

Hope you are all well. I’m just after making some pasta like a grown up and freezing loads of containers of it. Most likely will never touch them again but the thought was there.

So you may have gathered that I’m not the best at doing a timeline- have been meaning to write this post about New Year’s for a while. I thought it was time I share some more personal happenings. I was debating leaving some of the night out because it may not paint me in the best light. But if I’m going to do this post I might as well be honest about EVERYTHING (and pray my mother never finds out I’m Bré Sanchez haha). So here goes:

On New Year’s Eve, we headed to my friend Paula’s boyfriend Mark’s house for drinks before heading out. We usually do that on NYE. There was me, Paula, her friend Rosemary, Mark, his housemate Jimmy and friend Liam from down the country. Jimmy’s girlfriend and sister were also there. Start of the night was grand, played a few drinking games including beer pong. Rosemary was on my team but somehow I ended up drinking a shot every time we (she) lost. We also took a ridiculous amount of selfies. Rosemary LOVES selfies, filters, angles etc so we leave that in her hands. I should mention here that Liam had lost weight, bulked up and shaved his horrible beard since last year so he was looking yum. He had also tried it with Rosemary last year so I assumed he wasn’t into me.

We headed down to our local. The place was packed as it usually is and I was already drunk by the time we got there. We danced and had a laugh and before I know it I’m at the bar and Jimmy is beside me telling me he likes me. Now I knew that because he was always too touchy feely and flirty. So he starts saying that he likes me but I would never trust him because of the way he is and that I should just get with Liam. And he just annoyed me so I got my drink and went back to the group. New Year’s chimed through and the couples kissed, I hugged Liam and Rosemary. It wasn’t as painstaking as it usually is. After a while of chatting me and Liam ended up kissing for a second before I said I had to go dance to whatever song was on (priorities). To be brutally honest, I’m locked by this stage. That was the end of Mr.Liam.

A while later on the dance floor, some guy started dancing with me. I could swear I knew his face (probably just from the local) but I kept saying it to him and eventually we kissed. Then we went off the dance floor and just chatted for a bit. He asked for my number (or did I tell him to take it?-I don’t do that sober!) So by this point I have no idea if Liam saw me kiss Stephen(the other guy), if he did I feel shitty because I hate when that has happened to me. I would never intentionally do it though. After the nightclub we went back to Mark’s which was a huge mistake because I forgot it was NYE which meant no fucking taxis anywhere.

So Liam went to bed on a blow up double mattress in the sitting room. Mark went to sleep, Rosemary disappeared, and Jimmy and Paula were still up. I decided to stay and went into the sitting room when everyone was going to bed. Liam was asleep and I didn’t feel like sleeping on the two seater (the only piece of furniture in the whole sitting room) so I quietly called him but he didn’t stir. So I kicked the mattress (I can only blame the drink so many times) and he jumped awake. I then whispered “can I sleep on this too?” He said yeah and moved over. Now I know I was drunk but my genuine only intention at this point was to sleep comfortably ha. When I lay down my first reflex put my hand over his chest and before I could cringe and pull it away he grabbed it with his hand! Now that’s as far anything goes (get your mind out of the gutter people) and we went to sleep. Next morning I woke to nausea and shame but nothing was said. I started to think maybe Liam didn’t see me kiss that guy el locko and liked me. When I went home later I added him on Facebook (the casual first move) but he didn’t accept. So no, I guess the answer is he doesn’t like me. Probably thinks I’m a messy drunk slut. But fuck it. Plenty more fish and all that.

Oh and for anyone wondering about Stephen, he did text me the next day but each text after that took almost a day to receive. When I jokingly said he must hold the title for the longest person to respond his answer was (word for word ladies) “I am quite awful at writing back alright, I usually see the message come in and then just forget about it”…!?!?!!? Bye Felipe!

Ok, so I hope you enjoyed this post or at least found it amusing. I would love to hear your stories! (all anonymous of course!)

Talk soon,

Bré x












My Mini Challenge (Water)

Happy Glorious Monday!! No, just me? I woke up feeling much better so I’m happy haha. Ok so my friend’s 30th is on Saturday. I have my new dress to wear and I tried it on but I feel a bit bloated in it. So I’ve been pretty bad with my diet and drinking enough water lately. I go through phases of being good and bad. I’m good at challenges or when you have a short goal. So I’ve decided to set myself a small challenge for the next five days. Please note this is to try just feel less bloated, I am aware I won’t lose a stone in five days!!

Water is such an important part of your diet. You can lose weight just by drinking enough water each day because you’re body no longer carries water weight. Green tea is great too and in my opinion you don’t need to buy these ridiculous trendy green teas. (If you have tried generic green tea with no success and found success with those expensive funds by all means let me know) Two cups a day can help to cleanse your system (Makes you poop basically). Ok so here is my challenge:

  • Two litres of water each day- I find having a large sports cap bottle helps you drink more.
  • Two cups of green tea with a slice of lemon each day. (I’m using one from Lidl)
  • No sugars (soft drinks, sweets)
  • Limit carbs (this can be a hard one for me so I’m going to try cut down maybe not cut out completely)
  • Only one coffee a day (again I can’t cut out all together)

Ok so there is my challenge! I will let you know the result Friday! If you want to try it please let me know how you get on 🙂

Hope you all have a great day.

Bré x

My Last Minute Night Out

Hi everyone, hope you had a lovely weekend. Although my plans were to just work and chill this weekend my friend Annie started texting me yesterday while I was at work asking me to go out. She finally persuaded me (as she usually does). We decided to just go to our local. I was really excited because I got to wear my new boots that my sister bought me for Christmas. I don’t really think I have a good fashion sense so she is always getting me nice things like this. For my birthday she got me gorgeous black knee high boots because I was saying for ages I wanted to get some and now they go with so many outfits! Here’s a pic of the boots she got me that I wore last night.


Annie’s husband was away at a Stags so she asked me to stay over. We got ready in her house. I asked her to do my eyeliner because she’s really good at it. She said jokingly did that mean she wasn’t good at the rest and I said no I think everyone is really good at something, not meaning their bad at everything else, just better at one thing. And she said “you’re good at everything!”. I thought that was mad, I wouldn’t  think I’m good at any part of make up haha. Just the basics. So I was too lazy to shave and tan so I decided to wear my boots with black tights and my grey high waist shorts that I got on sale in New Look FOR €3!!! Couldn’t believe it. I love high waisted shorts or jeans because they can help to hide the belly!

We drank (probably too much) wine as we got ready. Getting ready is one of my favourite parts of a night out because you get to chat and catch up before heading out. You also end up talking about random things that wouldn’t usually pop up in conversation. My boots are really high but so comfortable! I love high heels and usually my feet are sore by the end of the night but I lasted till I got home before taking them off ha. I used to be self conscious about wearing heels. I’m 5′ 10″ and find I always end up towering over guys on night out. But I’m at a point now where I don’t care because I love wearing heels and I’m not going to let insecure boys make me feel bad! Plus I want a tall guy and the heels help to figure out who’s suitable haha!

We had such a fun night out dancing and messing around.  The DJ played a lot of chart songs but threw in a lot of pop oldies which I love! Actually I want to find a good club that does oldies nights or 80’s nights. Maybe you can comment if you know any good ones 🙂 We could see this guy going around trying to dance with loads of different girls and then he came to me and asked me to dance. I just said no thank you I’m dancing with my friend and he went off and just tried with another girl. Now before you say why didn’t I give him a chance I should point out that this guy fancies my sister and has tried it on more than once even though she has pointed out she’s married. He’s cute and all but I don’t need that drama.

So we ended up in Macdonald’s after (as you do) and then headed home. I can proudly say I took my make up off before falling into bed (not something I usually achieve). My friend mentioned breakfast in the morning before we fell asleep. And to my surprise I woke up to her making a full breakfast for us both! I had to send her husband a picture of her saying she’s a good wife. He responded “she doesn’t cook me breakfast”. Haha! We chilled out for a while then I eventually had to go home and face life. I had a shower and feel a bit better but an early night is definitely due!

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and that Monday is kind to you all.

Bré x


I Played Tinder Would You Rather

I was bored so I decided to play Would You Rather on Tinder. Basically the boring messages I get don’t peak my interest, so I usually try to send messages with something about their profile in it or else something unusual. I’m also a bit weird (that’s an understatement). So, I sent 50 matches WYR questions like:

  • Would you rather fingers for legs or legs for fingers?

  • Would you rather have no knees or no elbows?

  • Would you rather blow bubbles when you sneeze or when you hiccup?


A lot didn’t write back which just makes me assume we wouldn’t get on. But I got a few interesting replies.

Some of them put proper thought into their answers and that’s the weird type of guys I like ha! I’ve started chatting to a couple of them now. So I hope you got a bit of a laugh our of this. If you’re looking to start a conversation on Tinder why not use these or make or make up your own. And if guys don’t write back please don’t take offence to it. Some guys just won’t be into it. Enjoy your Friday night 🙂

Bré x

My Review Of Room (No Spoilers)

Hi everyone, happy Friday! Hope you all have exciting plans for the weekend. Mine involve working and cleaning my apartment! I know, I am too crazy! Haha.

So last night I went to see Room with my friend Ellie. We went to Vue at Liffey Valley and this was the first time I’ve seen it done up. (I usually go to IMC in Tallaght) It’s lovely! And huge. I love going to the cinema, one of my favourite things to do. We grabbed some in food in Saburritos first. We might not see each other for ages so usually grab food first to chat and tell each other the goss. Ellie is vegan but she always has everywhere sussed out so she knew this placed done vegan friendly stuff. She is in the middle of setting up a blog to let people know the places to go, and awesome recipes. Will give you the link as soon as it’s set up!

We went to see Room starring Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay. So what did I think of the movie?  Don’t worry I won’t spoil it, just tell you why you need to go see it! Well firstly I should say that I read the book Room by Emma O Donoghue in just two days. I couldn’t put it down. And I almost always think the film doesn’t do the book justice. But I went in being optimistic. Room is about Jack, a five year old boy who lives in Room with his Ma. Jack believes that Room is all there is, and Space outside. Old Nick brings their food by Magic from TV. I’m not actually going to tell you much more than that because that’s more than I knew about the book going in and every page was a delight. If you do want to know a bit more here is the trailer for the film (if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen it):

The trailer gives a bit more away and both Emma and Lenny Abrahamson thought it was bet to to do that because they didn’t want people put off by the trailer thinking it was a dark, depressing film. (If you do check out the trailer, leave it at that, don’t google it!) Even in the film, every moment is filled with suspense. At more than one moment I could see my friend (who hadn’t read the book) catch her breath or put her hands to her mouth waiting to see what was gonna happen. I felt myself catch my breath once or twice too. The film does do the book justice, although they change a lot of minor details that probably doesn’t bother many people (I’m just fussy). The film is long, at two hours, but you don’t feel it dragging. There is also a few funny bits because of Jack’s innocence.

Brie Larson gives a great performance as Ma but Jacob Tremblay stole the show for me. He really portrays Jack, who throughout this whole incredible story is still just a little innocent boy. I think it speaks volumes of the acting when only two actors can carry a lot of the film in just one room. So far, Jacob has already won a Critic’s Choice award for his performance. Here is his acceptance speech, so adorable!

I definitely recommend you all go see it, but I would also recommend you read the book. The book is told entirely from Jack’s perspective, not something you see in a lot of books. So you only see what he sees. His innocence really shows in the books. Although I will admit that I liked how we saw a bit of the story from a different aspect in the film, which answered a couple of questions I would have had at the end of the book.

Book or film???? BOOK!!

Fun fact: Emma O Donoghue wrote the screenplay BEFORE her book was even published! She said she thought the book would make a good film and didn’t want to feel she was demanding to write the screenplay just because she wrote the book, so she decided have it written for when the movie folk came knockin’!! That is what I call, believing in yourself.

So I hope you enjoyed my thoughts (or writings, see what I did there).

Next film I want to see if Spotlight and The Danish Girl!

Hope you all have a fun Friday!

Bré x



How your favourite celebrity couples met.

I was delighted to hear that Patrick Kielty & Cat Deely have welcomed a baby boy into the world! She seems so lovely and he is hilarious. But did you know how they started dating?

They met ten years before on the set of Fame Academy back in 2002. They both say there was a spark between them but their timelines never seemed to sync. ‘Well there had always been a spark between us, but either she was with someone or I was, and then she moved to LA, so opportunities for something to develop were limited.’ When she was in LA, he texted her  to wish her a Happy Birthday. Apparently she said she was having Lunch in Beverly Hills Hotel and wished he was there. To which he replied he would. Thinking he was drunk she told him to go to bed (I’m sure we’ve all been there). But Patrick went to Belfast Airport at 5am, got a flight at 7.15am to Heathrow and then caught the 9.40am flight to LA and landed at 1.15pm. When he walked into the Beverly Hills Hotel at 2.15, Cat fell off her seat and said “Oh, you’re good!”

Are you insanely jealous, but also happy like me?! It got me thinking about how other celeb pairs met. So if you like to obsess over celebrities and love romantic tales this is for you 🙂

Professor Green & Millie Mackintosh: Another cute tale. Green was chatting to his publicist about Made In Chelsea, and said the only thing he knew about it was “the bird that just appeared on FHM”. When his publicist said that she knew Millie he joked and asked for her number. Later that day, he got a text from his publicist with a phone number. She told him Millie was expecting his call. He called her straight away and when he said “Hi it’s Stephen” (awh!) she said “Who’s that?” Haha. ‘I later found out that when I called her she was trying frantically to pause [my song] “Just Be Good to Green” on YouTube.’ They went for dinner and the rest is history!

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel:”It was very un-Hollywood-esque, in fact,” recalled Timberlake. “We met and got talking. Afterwards I asked my friend if I could call her and ask her out. My friend called Jessica and Jessica said yes, and so I called her. I did it the old fashioned way — by telephone.”

Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone: Supercute couple met when Emma was screen testing for The Amazing Spiderman. She was the last to go and he was tired and bored by then. When she walked in he perked right up. ‘And then she came in, and it was like diving into white-water rapids and having no desire to hang on to the side. Throughout shooting, it was wild and exciting. I couldn’t help but try to stay with her, keep pace with her and not let her get away.’ How adorable!

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: When the couple first met on the set of Tropic Thunder she thought he seemed very dark ha. “At first you think he could be like a serial killer but he is actually the nicest person in the world!” One of my favourite celeb couples though!


Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith: “I met him when I was 19 at an audition for The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” she revealed. “After we had known each other for many years, we went out for dinner one night [with mutual friends] and I saw that he had grown from this lanky kid to this really responsible man. We started courting each other and our friendship turned into romance.” Courting!? I love it!

David & Victoria Beckham: Eh, how did I never know this one?!? David saw Posh Spice on TV with the girls and turned to a pal and said, wait for it… “See the girl in the short dress? I’m going to marry her.” Victoria said it was love at first sight. “He told me he went home and wrote my [telephone] number on so many other things in case he lost it.” Too cute!

And finally Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher: I’m sure you all know, Mila and Ashton met on That 70’s show but what you might not know is that Mila shared her real life first kiss with him. “I was like, ‘Oh, he’s so cute, it’s the Calvin Klein model!’” Mila revealed at the time, “I was so nervous and uncomfortable. I had the biggest crush on him.”


I hope you all enjoyed this. If there is any other celeb relationship aspect you want me to research (snoop on) please comment and let me know 🙂

Bré x