Some Wise(ish) Relationship Advice

Happy Saturday Everyone 🙂

I’m just home from a dinner with my family for my brother’s 30th-stuffed! Browsing the net and came across this article. It really spoke to me and I invite you all (singe or not) to read it. Below is a few thoughts I had while reading it that I thought you might like to read too.

  1. I’m 26 and still deal with drama all the time. Whether it’s friends moaning to me about how one of the girls have changed since they got a boyfriend or me trying to analyse what a guy meant in his text, drama is a big part of your 20’s.
  2. Boys can be mean. They also literally think completely different than girls. So they don’t necessarily mean to hurt you. Sometimes you need to just accept that the boy you like is just that- a boy. Maybe you need to give him the time and space to mature. (This goes the same for girls. I have hurt guys and it’s not on purpose, it’s just because I was young and stupid.) We can’t always take that personally.
  3. Firstly, crushes make the world go round. Secondly, you don’t need to make excuses to anyone for your crushes. You can’t help it. Enjoy them. But yeah, crushes can’t go anywhere as much as you or I may want them to. You need to get over it before you try and have something meaningful or serious with that person.
  4. I’m glad I’ve kissed a lot of boys and had my silly flings and bad relationships. Because I know when I meet someone serious, I’ll not only appreciate it but I’ll have the immature, shallow, crazy stuff out of my system.
  5. About three years ago, I fell out with a friend. It wasn’t a big dramatic fight, we just sorta fell out and stopped talking. And it bothered me. We used to hang out all the time, I talked to her about everything and we laughed about stupid things. Losing a friend is just as sad as breaking up with a fella, if not worse. No one has the right to make you feel like it’s not. If you want to grieve, grieve. Luckily in the past few months, we have gotten back in touch and although it’s not like we used to be, it’s nice to know we aren’t in that awkward stage anymore. Hopefully one day we will get back to the way we were someday.
  6. The thought of being in relationship without chemistry for the rest of my life terrifies me. I love getting butterflies when I see my guy’s name pop up on the phone, or hot passionate kissing. Enough said. (She basically says exactly what I think on this one).
  7. So one of my friends is married to someone who cheated on her in front of her friend, another is with a guy who verbally abuses her on the phone when she is out with her friends. I could go on but you get my point. No one should be in a horrible, negative or dead end relationship. These girls would  think I’m sad because I’m single (one has actually said that to me- a whole other blog post!) but I’m much happier being alone than with someone who makes me feel lonely.
  8. There is nothing that ruins your twenties more than thinking you should have it all figured out by now.
  9. Carrie said it best.

Bré x




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