Yay! Some good news!

So yesterday I went for an interview for a new job. I had applied for a few jobs just before Christmas when I had a bad day in the office. I work in admin and have been really fed up lately so I just applied for similar roles on a whim.

Don’t get me wrong I love my job (mostly) and the company. But in my office I work with two guys around forty. Firstly, they don’t give a shit about their jobs which makes my job more difficult. Secondly, whoever said women are bitches never met these two. They actually stopped talking to me once FOR TWO DAYS because I said I didn’t need help with a charity breakfast I had already organised. They are constantly talking about the other staff members (and I’m sure me too). Don’t get me wrong I have worked with lots of guys and most of them are pretty sound it’s just these two. I have tried to bring up some of the the issues with management but nothing is ever done. One evening I was tired of sitting next to someone who does half the work I do but for a fact gets paid more than me. So I took the laptop out and hopped on jobs.ie.


Anyway I had forgotten about the jobs until I got a call last week from a girl in a recruitment agency asking if I was still interested in a job advertised. I said yes so she put me forward for the interview. I was so nervous! I haven’t had an interview in a few years so was a bit rusty! It went really well though and the two women interviewing me were really impressed. The one I would be reporting to said I seemed perfect for the role. They said they would get back in a day or two and be inviting two applicants back for another chat and to show them the system etc. I was delighted today when I got a call asking me to come back in next Tuesday. I know it’s not a definite yes but it seems really promising and the job sounds great. It’s basically the same role minus reception duties (so I won’t feel stuck to the desk) with a bit more responsibility and challenges. It also is more pay which doesn’t hurt.

I’ve started overthinking though, feeling guilty about leaving my current job if I get it.I have to remind myself that I have given opportunities for my manager to sort issues which he hasn’t. The job gets more miserable each day. Is that something other girls do? Feel guilty for something that you shouldn’t? So I should feel excited not guilty! (I’m talking like I already have the job ha!)

So fingers crossed for Tuesday and I will let you all know how I get on!

If anyone would like me to do a post about an interview, questions, CVs tips the recruitment agency gave me, leave a comment and I will be happy to do it 🙂

Bré x





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