I Played Tinder Would You Rather

I was bored so I decided to play Would You Rather on Tinder. Basically the boring messages I get don’t peak my interest, so I usually try to send messages with something about their profile in it or else something unusual. I’m also a bit weird (that’s an understatement). So, I sent 50 matches WYR questions like:

  • Would you rather fingers for legs or legs for fingers?

  • Would you rather have no knees or no elbows?

  • Would you rather blow bubbles when you sneeze or when you hiccup?


A lot didn’t write back which just makes me assume we wouldn’t get on. But I got a few interesting replies.

Some of them put proper thought into their answers and that’s the weird type of guys I like ha! I’ve started chatting to a couple of them now. So I hope you got a bit of a laugh our of this. If you’re looking to start a conversation on Tinder why not use these or make or make up your own. And if guys don’t write back please don’t take offence to it. Some guys just won’t be into it. Enjoy your Friday night 🙂

Bré x


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