My Review Of Room (No Spoilers)

Hi everyone, happy Friday! Hope you all have exciting plans for the weekend. Mine involve working and cleaning my apartment! I know, I am too crazy! Haha.

So last night I went to see Room with my friend Ellie. We went to Vue at Liffey Valley and this was the first time I’ve seen it done up. (I usually go to IMC in Tallaght) It’s lovely! And huge. I love going to the cinema, one of my favourite things to do. We grabbed some in food in Saburritos first. We might not see each other for ages so usually grab food first to chat and tell each other the goss. Ellie is vegan but she always has everywhere sussed out so she knew this placed done vegan friendly stuff. She is in the middle of setting up a blog to let people know the places to go, and awesome recipes. Will give you the link as soon as it’s set up!

We went to see Room starring Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay. So what did I think of the movie?  Don’t worry I won’t spoil it, just tell you why you need to go see it! Well firstly I should say that I read the book Room by Emma O Donoghue in just two days. I couldn’t put it down. And I almost always think the film doesn’t do the book justice. But I went in being optimistic. Room is about Jack, a five year old boy who lives in Room with his Ma. Jack believes that Room is all there is, and Space outside. Old Nick brings their food by Magic from TV. I’m not actually going to tell you much more than that because that’s more than I knew about the book going in and every page was a delight. If you do want to know a bit more here is the trailer for the film (if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen it):

The trailer gives a bit more away and both Emma and Lenny Abrahamson thought it was bet to to do that because they didn’t want people put off by the trailer thinking it was a dark, depressing film. (If you do check out the trailer, leave it at that, don’t google it!) Even in the film, every moment is filled with suspense. At more than one moment I could see my friend (who hadn’t read the book) catch her breath or put her hands to her mouth waiting to see what was gonna happen. I felt myself catch my breath once or twice too. The film does do the book justice, although they change a lot of minor details that probably doesn’t bother many people (I’m just fussy). The film is long, at two hours, but you don’t feel it dragging. There is also a few funny bits because of Jack’s innocence.

Brie Larson gives a great performance as Ma but Jacob Tremblay stole the show for me. He really portrays Jack, who throughout this whole incredible story is still just a little innocent boy. I think it speaks volumes of the acting when only two actors can carry a lot of the film in just one room. So far, Jacob has already won a Critic’s Choice award for his performance. Here is his acceptance speech, so adorable!

I definitely recommend you all go see it, but I would also recommend you read the book. The book is told entirely from Jack’s perspective, not something you see in a lot of books. So you only see what he sees. His innocence really shows in the books. Although I will admit that I liked how we saw a bit of the story from a different aspect in the film, which answered a couple of questions I would have had at the end of the book.

Book or film???? BOOK!!

Fun fact: Emma O Donoghue wrote the screenplay BEFORE her book was even published! She said she thought the book would make a good film and didn’t want to feel she was demanding to write the screenplay just because she wrote the book, so she decided have it written for when the movie folk came knockin’!! That is what I call, believing in yourself.

So I hope you enjoyed my thoughts (or writings, see what I did there).

Next film I want to see if Spotlight and The Danish Girl!

Hope you all have a fun Friday!

Bré x




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