My Last Minute Night Out

Hi everyone, hope you had a lovely weekend. Although my plans were to just work and chill this weekend my friend Annie started texting me yesterday while I was at work asking me to go out. She finally persuaded me (as she usually does). We decided to just go to our local. I was really excited because I got to wear my new boots that my sister bought me for Christmas. I don’t really think I have a good fashion sense so she is always getting me nice things like this. For my birthday she got me gorgeous black knee high boots because I was saying for ages I wanted to get some and now they go with so many outfits! Here’s a pic of the boots she got me that I wore last night.


Annie’s husband was away at a Stags so she asked me to stay over. We got ready in her house. I asked her to do my eyeliner because she’s really good at it. She said jokingly did that mean she wasn’t good at the rest and I said no I think everyone is really good at something, not meaning their bad at everything else, just better at one thing. And she said “you’re good at everything!”. I thought that was mad, I wouldn’t  think I’m good at any part of make up haha. Just the basics. So I was too lazy to shave and tan so I decided to wear my boots with black tights and my grey high waist shorts that I got on sale in New Look FOR €3!!! Couldn’t believe it. I love high waisted shorts or jeans because they can help to hide the belly!

We drank (probably too much) wine as we got ready. Getting ready is one of my favourite parts of a night out because you get to chat and catch up before heading out. You also end up talking about random things that wouldn’t usually pop up in conversation. My boots are really high but so comfortable! I love high heels and usually my feet are sore by the end of the night but I lasted till I got home before taking them off ha. I used to be self conscious about wearing heels. I’m 5′ 10″ and find I always end up towering over guys on night out. But I’m at a point now where I don’t care because I love wearing heels and I’m not going to let insecure boys make me feel bad! Plus I want a tall guy and the heels help to figure out who’s suitable haha!

We had such a fun night out dancing and messing around.  The DJ played a lot of chart songs but threw in a lot of pop oldies which I love! Actually I want to find a good club that does oldies nights or 80’s nights. Maybe you can comment if you know any good ones 🙂 We could see this guy going around trying to dance with loads of different girls and then he came to me and asked me to dance. I just said no thank you I’m dancing with my friend and he went off and just tried with another girl. Now before you say why didn’t I give him a chance I should point out that this guy fancies my sister and has tried it on more than once even though she has pointed out she’s married. He’s cute and all but I don’t need that drama.

So we ended up in Macdonald’s after (as you do) and then headed home. I can proudly say I took my make up off before falling into bed (not something I usually achieve). My friend mentioned breakfast in the morning before we fell asleep. And to my surprise I woke up to her making a full breakfast for us both! I had to send her husband a picture of her saying she’s a good wife. He responded “she doesn’t cook me breakfast”. Haha! We chilled out for a while then I eventually had to go home and face life. I had a shower and feel a bit better but an early night is definitely due!

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and that Monday is kind to you all.

Bré x



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