My Mini Challenge (Water)

Happy Glorious Monday!! No, just me? I woke up feeling much better so I’m happy haha. Ok so my friend’s 30th is on Saturday. I have my new dress to wear and I tried it on but I feel a bit bloated in it. So I’ve been pretty bad with my diet and drinking enough water lately. I go through phases of being good and bad. I’m good at challenges or when you have a short goal. So I’ve decided to set myself a small challenge for the next five days. Please note this is to try just feel less bloated, I am aware I won’t lose a stone in five days!!

Water is such an important part of your diet. You can lose weight just by drinking enough water each day because you’re body no longer carries water weight. Green tea is great too and in my opinion you don’t need to buy these ridiculous trendy green teas. (If you have tried generic green tea with no success and found success with those expensive funds by all means let me know) Two cups a day can help to cleanse your system (Makes you poop basically). Ok so here is my challenge:

  • Two litres of water each day- I find having a large sports cap bottle helps you drink more.
  • Two cups of green tea with a slice of lemon each day. (I’m using one from Lidl)
  • No sugars (soft drinks, sweets)
  • Limit carbs (this can be a hard one for me so I’m going to try cut down maybe not cut out completely)
  • Only one coffee a day (again I can’t cut out all together)

Ok so there is my challenge! I will let you know the result Friday! If you want to try it please let me know how you get on 🙂

Hope you all have a great day.

Bré x


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