My New Year’s Eve Escapades

Hi guys!

Hope you are all well. I’m just after making some pasta like a grown up and freezing loads of containers of it. Most likely will never touch them again but the thought was there.

So you may have gathered that I’m not the best at doing a timeline- have been meaning to write this post about New Year’s for a while. I thought it was time I share some more personal happenings. I was debating leaving some of the night out because it may not paint me in the best light. But if I’m going to do this post I might as well be honest about EVERYTHING (and pray my mother never finds out I’m Bré Sanchez haha). So here goes:

On New Year’s Eve, we headed to my friend Paula’s boyfriend Mark’s house for drinks before heading out. We usually do that on NYE. There was me, Paula, her friend Rosemary, Mark, his housemate Jimmy and friend Liam from down the country. Jimmy’s girlfriend and sister were also there. Start of the night was grand, played a few drinking games including beer pong. Rosemary was on my team but somehow I ended up drinking a shot every time we (she) lost. We also took a ridiculous amount of selfies. Rosemary LOVES selfies, filters, angles etc so we leave that in her hands. I should mention here that Liam had lost weight, bulked up and shaved his horrible beard since last year so he was looking yum. He had also tried it with Rosemary last year so I assumed he wasn’t into me.

We headed down to our local. The place was packed as it usually is and I was already drunk by the time we got there. We danced and had a laugh and before I know it I’m at the bar and Jimmy is beside me telling me he likes me. Now I knew that because he was always too touchy feely and flirty. So he starts saying that he likes me but I would never trust him because of the way he is and that I should just get with Liam. And he just annoyed me so I got my drink and went back to the group. New Year’s chimed through and the couples kissed, I hugged Liam and Rosemary. It wasn’t as painstaking as it usually is. After a while of chatting me and Liam ended up kissing for a second before I said I had to go dance to whatever song was on (priorities). To be brutally honest, I’m locked by this stage. That was the end of Mr.Liam.

A while later on the dance floor, some guy started dancing with me. I could swear I knew his face (probably just from the local) but I kept saying it to him and eventually we kissed. Then we went off the dance floor and just chatted for a bit. He asked for my number (or did I tell him to take it?-I don’t do that sober!) So by this point I have no idea if Liam saw me kiss Stephen(the other guy), if he did I feel shitty because I hate when that has happened to me. I would never intentionally do it though. After the nightclub we went back to Mark’s which was a huge mistake because I forgot it was NYE which meant no fucking taxis anywhere.

So Liam went to bed on a blow up double mattress in the sitting room. Mark went to sleep, Rosemary disappeared, and Jimmy and Paula were still up. I decided to stay and went into the sitting room when everyone was going to bed. Liam was asleep and I didn’t feel like sleeping on the two seater (the only piece of furniture in the whole sitting room) so I quietly called him but he didn’t stir. So I kicked the mattress (I can only blame the drink so many times) and he jumped awake. I then whispered “can I sleep on this too?” He said yeah and moved over. Now I know I was drunk but my genuine only intention at this point was to sleep comfortably ha. When I lay down my first reflex put my hand over his chest and before I could cringe and pull it away he grabbed it with his hand! Now that’s as far anything goes (get your mind out of the gutter people) and we went to sleep. Next morning I woke to nausea and shame but nothing was said. I started to think maybe Liam didn’t see me kiss that guy el locko and liked me. When I went home later I added him on Facebook (the casual first move) but he didn’t accept. So no, I guess the answer is he doesn’t like me. Probably thinks I’m a messy drunk slut. But fuck it. Plenty more fish and all that.

Oh and for anyone wondering about Stephen, he did text me the next day but each text after that took almost a day to receive. When I jokingly said he must hold the title for the longest person to respond his answer was (word for word ladies) “I am quite awful at writing back alright, I usually see the message come in and then just forget about it”…!?!?!!? Bye Felipe!

Ok, so I hope you enjoyed this post or at least found it amusing. I would love to hear your stories! (all anonymous of course!)

Talk soon,

Bré x













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