Celebrating your birthday when you’re single

I love birthdays. The cards, presents, spending time with and feeling the love from family and friends. It can really lift your spirits. Now truth be told, as you get older the birthday becomes less of a big deal unless it’s your 30th etc.

I thought I’d share how I spent my 26th birthday because I know you see girls on Facebook always sharing what their boyfriends bought them (flowers, purses, watches, cars-yes, fucking cars). I’m gonna start by telling you about my 25th birthday shambles. We went to the Playhouse or Show or whatever it’s called now. One of my friends came to mine to predrink. The others bailed and said they’d meet us there. Paula plied me with vodka and WKD so we arrived late and drunk. Annie brought her fucking fiancé and his friend Ronnie who likes me and I don’t like back so that was awkward. Dorothy brought her friend who she knows I don’t like (you know those girls that bring no money out and get guys to pay for everything? yep) and Jordan who persuaded me to have the night out didn’t show! We continued to drink and Dorothy thought it would be funny to play “25 kisses” and started pushing me into some guys we knew (I’m sure that’s how wooing worked back in the day- push people into each other). I thought I lost my bag but turned out one of the girls had it and I vomited. More than once. So Ellie (who doesn’t drink thank God) decided it was time to get me home. Paula tried to tell her I just needed another drink to which Ellie was like “the fuck?!” and got me in a taxi. Later I found out I was in the club a little over an hour. So 25? Drunk mess. Self loathing.

This year I didn’t want to go out drinking. I decided to take the day off work and treat myself. That morning I woke up and headed to Starbucks where I just chilled with a coffee and read for ages. Sometimes life can be so hectic you don’t have time to just sit and read. Or relax. Then I went shopping for a little bit, got a few clothes and other bits. I met my mam for lunch and chilled out. Then I went of to pamper myself at the Residence Day Spa in Naas- check out my review here:


After my amazing treatments I headed to my parents that evening. My sister also came up to see me and I got all my presents yay! On the Sunday I had all my family (parents, 4 brothers, their girlfriends, my sister her husband and my 4 nephews and niece) up for tea and finger food. I love getting all my family together because everyone works different schedules so it’s rare. We played loads of games like charades because apparently that’s a tradition now that my nephews made ha. (Not saying I don’t love it. LOVE games!) My friend Ellie also brought me for dinner in our favourite restaurant The Pattaya.

So this was actually one of my favourite birthdays. I just wanted to share it with you to maybe give you some ideas how to enjoy your birthday. I get that not everyone can take the day off work for their birthday but you should definitely make time to look after yourself. Do something you love. Don’t be talked into doing crap you don’t want to. But hey, if you want to go out and get drunk, you go get drunk (just try keep more dignity than me ha). If you don’t have much money you should check out pages like Groupon or Pigsback where you can get spa deals, nights away, goods etc with a huge discount. Or make your own spa day! Grab a face mask, booties, mittens, fancy nail polish etc, some goodies and relax watching a cheesey film or whatever your guilty pleasure is!

Hope you enjoyed this post ladies. Talk soon 🙂

Bré x








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