Kringy Kardashians

Hi guys,

So I was babysitting my three nephews last night so my Friday night was basically eating ice cream and playing board games. I love babysitting ha. Downside is being up at 9am to get my youngest nephew ready for his football match. His older brother just brought him off there so I have an hour to chill. I’m watching Toddlers and Tiara with a cup of tea. So cosy!

So during the week I was watching a show on Youtube called Willam’s beatdown. I love the show and I love Willam both in and out of drag. Anyway one of the clips he showed was from the Kardashian’s birthday video to Kris. Oh my God. Am I the only person who never saw this? It is the most cringe worthy material EVER! I had to go find the original clip. And I was delighted to see there is two parts to it! For anyone who like me has never seen it here you go:

So the first part is actually Kris singing a song called I Love My Friends and it’s about her turning 30. She starts listing things she loves including shops. Then the video has clips of people shouting “she loves you!”. It also features OJ Simpson twice which obviously in hindsight isn’t even cringy but morbid!

Fast forward thirty years to the second part and her daughters are recreating the video with even more auto tune. With even more designer names and celebrities all adding to the ridiculousness. It also features Kanya West saying “she loves you”. I don’t think I’ve seen someone looking so uncomfortable before (and he thinks Wiz is trapped ha).

Here is Willam’s beatdown of it!

The Kardashian’s start at 7.15 but take my advice and watch it all 🙂

I have a million things to do today before I head to my friend’s 30th so I bet get started!Enjoy your Saturday!

Bré x



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