FBI: Female bullsh*t investigators

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

So this morning while browsing through my Facebook page I came across one of the girls I had went to school with. You now the people you barely talk to but are friends on FB anyway? She’d be in that category. So it came up she had changed her profile picture. To a picture of her and who I can only assume is her boyfriend as they are holding hands with their fingers intertwined. No big deal.

Except the guy in the photo is G (I’m too lazy to even give him a fake name). I know G years, since I was like 10. I was ‘meeting’ him a good few years ago (back when it was socially acceptable to use that juvenile term). Long story short, things didn’t go anywhere but over the years we have still been texting, flirting and even kissing if we happened to be in the same pub on a night out.

Now if they’re together now that’s grand. In fact I knew he was with someone the last few months or so. The reason I know this? Because a couple of months ago while we were texting he informed me he was with someone. And that he didn’t think it was going anywhere. And that he wanted to hook up with me. I obviously told him I wouldn’t be doing anything with him while he was with someone and even told him he was making himself out to be a dickhead. We even hung out once in his house, he made me tea and we chatted. It was strange being in my old neighbourhood (that’s how we know each other). When leaving we hugged goodbye, but as soon as I was gone he was texting to say he wanted to kiss me etc. I told him I wasn’t interested as long as he had a girlfriend. He eventually stopped texting me when he got the point that nothing was gonna happen.

Last message I did receive (after a few months of nothing) was about three weeks ago. In fact I had got a new phone so lost his number. I had woke up to a message on Saturday morning with a message just saying ‘well’. It was on Viber so his name came up on it. I wrote back, curious, saying ‘ha good night?’ obviously taking it that he had been out the night before. He wrote back with a sick face emoji and I left it at that. I just assumed he was still unavailable. I didn’t think I knew his girlfriend. But there you go. Right in front of my face. Him & his girlfriend.

When will guys get it? Girls find out EVERYTHING. Sooner or later, your stupidity catches up with you.

Want another example?

A good few years ago I worked for Ann Summers. Had a large Facebook group with thousands of friends etc. I was kind of seeing this guy. We had gone on a date or two and had met up a few times in one of the local pubs. He was very hot & cold and eventually I got fed up and lost interest. He would still text me once in a while though. And there it was. On my Ann Summers page. A girl put up pictures of the two of them out together. The comments saying they were lovely together etc confirmed it was a relationship. Next time he text me I told him I was friends with his girlfriend on Facebook. He didn’t text me again after that.

Want an example from another girl?

The girl who used to do my nails years ago once told me she was dating a guy for a couple of months. Saw him on evenings after work and weekends etc. So why would you suspect something was up? At the time Facebook wasn’t as huge as it is now so when someone said they didn’t have FB you wouldn’t question it as much as now. She told me one day that she did come across his page though when it came up as a suggestion. Naturally she had a browse. Dick (let’s call him that shall we?) not only had a girlfriend, but lived with her. Turns out she worked nights and odd shifts. Which meant Dick could see Tammy (my nail girl) like normal and nothing seemed odd about it!

Think it’s all social media?

This one belongs in a post of its own but here is the condensed version. I dated a guy in work many moons ago. Things ended, he started seeing someone else. A year later, he said they broke up. We started seeing each other again and BAM! my friend saw them in a shopping centre together. With my mind confused, another male co worker who went out with a different friend told me that my ex informed him he was buying a bigger car because of the other girl’s son (from a previous relationship). That ended there and then.

Lads, one last time. WE WILL FIND OUT. Stop being idiots and even more importantly stop being dickheads.

Have you any similar stories? Would love to hear them!


Bré x



Happy Mammy’s Day!!

Hi ladies,

Mother’s Day is only around the corner (6th March for those of you who are terrible children-I joke). Do you know how to celebrate the day, treat your mammy? If you are still not sure then here are some ideas.


The Silver Granite in Palmerstown- Who’s Eddie and a George Michael tribute act. I’ve seen both acts and they are great, really recommend seeing Who’s Eddie if you can! Tickets are just €10 but they go fast! They also have entertainment on Saturday if you can’t celebrate on the Sunday!  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010774658283&fref=ts

The Old Mill, Tallaght – Walk The Line, Johnny Cash tribute act. As far as I can tel there is no cover charge.They also have entertainment on Saturday if you can’t celebrate on the Sunday! https://www.facebook.com/oldmillpub/

The Paddocks, Clonee- Frankie Says, 80/90’s music act https://www.facebook.com/The-Paddocks-378528768887905/

Not really a big drinker?

My mam doesn’t drink so we usually go for a nice meal instead. We normally go to our local Chinese restaurant The Pattaya https://www.facebook.com/Pattaya-Thai-Chinese-274764782544738/?fref=ts  but I’m thinking of having changing it up this year. You can find great offers on restaurants all over Ireland that suit your budget here:




In fact you will also find great pamper deals on hair & beauty and even gifts for the mammy!

Strapped for cash?

Want to show your love for your mam but your purse is saying no? No problem!

Cook her breakfast in bed.

Clean the house on Saturday so she can just relax on Mother’s day.

Grab some beauty products from Penneys and have your own pamper day.

If you have younger siblings why not take them off to the park or ice cream and leave your mam with some peace.

Get your mam’s favourite movie, some goodies and have a movie night.

(Do all the above and be an awesome daughter/son)

Most importantly, make sure to say thank you. For all the stuff she has done for you and still does even though you’re supposed to be an adult. For all the crap she puts up with. (Am I projecting too much?)

For those not with us

Sadly, many mothers will not be here to celebrate and I didn’t want to skip over this. Why not take the day to something your mother loved doing. Visit her favourite place. Watch her favourite movie. Celebrate her memory.


I hope this list has been helpful to you.

Chat soon,


Bré x



Can I go now guys?

Good morning!

While browsing (dossing) in work I came across this article on Buzzfeed. It’s about those weird couple photos you see on social media. As you already know I love Buzzfeed and have wasted hours of my life on it. And now you can too haha.

I thought this was article was funny because I hate seeing those stupid photos on Facebook. I love when people make a parody of them! Like these ones:



What sites do you find you lose hours on?


Bré x

Why this election is different

General Election 26th February 2016

Last night I watched the leaders debate on RTE1. I had missed the previous three and wanted to make sure I didn’t miss this one. With only three days to go to the General Election 2016 I still didn’t know who to vote for. The four main party leader’s were on:

Fine Gael-Enda Kenny (our current Taoiseach)

Labour-Joan Burton (our current Tánaiste)

Fianna Fail-Micheál Martin

Sinn Fein-Gerry Adams

I hoped the debate would make it clear who I should vote for. I was wrong. After an hour and a half of listening to the four of them throw out figures and policies, I went to bed as confused as I was before. I’m not particularly interested in politics on a day to day basis but I always make sure to vote. I know I’m not the only one like this. So when all the parties contradict each other, how do you know who to route for?

Why is it different this time?

For the first time since I have been able to vote in local elections, general elections and referendums, I am stumped. The country is in a bad way, not just financially, but socially and with a huge lack of morale. Should we “keep the recovery going” with Fine Gael and Labour (if you feel there is a recovery happening)? Should we give the reins back to Fianna Fail, who for decades kept the country steady before the recession? Or should we take a chance and let a different party in and vote Sinn Fein?

They say voting for Independents is a wasted vote because they will never get enough votes to make a difference in the Dail. They say people under 30 don’t remember the Troubles that Sinn Fein are associated with but that we shouldn’t forget. FG & Labour are telling us they will do this and that when they have had five years to do it and haven’t. Fianna Fail were in the height of the recession and made some big errors. People are saying wouldn’t it be great for Sinn Fein to be in Government for the centenary of 1916, how poetic.

They say you can’t trust politicians, that they all lie to get a seat. That’s true. So how do you decide who’s lying least?

Final Decision?

I have two more days to figure out what to do, but I will say this; I will be voting. And you should too. No matter what way you decide to go, the point is you exercise your right to vote. After all, the leaders of 1916 fought and died to give you that right, among others. Don’t think your vote can make a difference? In 1995, the Divorce Referendum was held. The Yes side got 50.28% and the No side got 49.72%. Lads, that’s less than 1% in the difference. Believe me, your vote matters.

A lot of young people never voted before the Equality Referendum last year. They simply don’t have an interest in politics. There was a huge surge in young people voting last May because it was something important to them. People flew home from all over the world to have their voice heard. But politics is just as important. And the Yes side in the Equality referendum won by a massive 62.07%. We became the first country in the world to legalise same sex marriage by popular vote. Isn’t that great? Make sure you’re heard again this Friday. Because if you don’t vote, you lose the right to complain about the government for the next five years.

And I for one won’t be listening to ya complain!




Bré x





Chat Roulette, Starbucks & Laughs

Happy Tuesday!

POF antics..

Yesterday was a busier Monday than I expected it to be. I woke to messages from Sinead with pictures of guys she had found on POF that we had met in a pub the other week. Now ladies, maybe I’m just terrible at searching on Plenty Of Fish but I do not see how you can find not one, not two but THREE random fellas from a pub without their username or unless you were in their location (she wasn’t). Creeping skill level.. master. Haha!

Anyway she found this guy who I can only describe as b-e-a-utiful. His name was Liam from Australia, but living over here. I had been chatting to him on the night out, well I mean we both were, but I thought we were getting on well. I had thought about him once or twice since, wondering if we visited the pub again would we see him ha. Then she told me she has been messaging him. And that they have been flirting. I’ll admit, I felt jealous. Why didn’t I magically find the hot bar guy on POF. Why didn’t he find me? I wonder did he like me and it just happens that she found him first? All this went through my mind. (At least I’m being honest) But she is delighted so all I can do is be happy for her. And hey, there’s plenty more you know what in the sea 😉

Being fatties..

So after work  I picked Sinead up and we went to get food in Liffey Valley while we waited for Denise to get off work. We ended up getting Burger King and Starbucks! I was stuffed till this morning. When Denise finished work and we headed back to Sinead’s. That’s where the fun started.

Chat Roulette..

So, have you all played CR? I played it for the first time, drunk one night in Sinead’s house. Last night we played it for the first time sober. Basically it’s like Skype but it connects you to someone else in the world. You can either talk to them or press play for the next person. So yes, you do get a lot of dicks. Last night we got some hotties, a guy in a dress, guys doing things to their bums (my eyes can’t unsee the horrors) and one guy who wanted to be dominated online (Sinead got well into that last one haha).

So what turned into a couple of hours after work turned into getting home at midnight! I fell into bed, was exhausted this morning. Early night tonight, a girl needs her beauty sleep!


Bré x







Few cans for Leo <3

Is it still Monday??

This might brighten up your day. A Facebook event has been created in honour of Leonardo DiCaprio and his Oscar *fingers crossed*.

Leo has lost out to the Academy Award four times. There have been many Memes and Gifs around the fact that he has not already won it!

But after already winning the AACTA, BAFTA, Critic’s Choice and Golden Globe awards this year for his role in The Revenant, his fans (including me, big time) think 2016 is his year for an Oscar.

So the event was set up that if (when) he wins the Oscar on the 29th February, his fans will meet at the Spire at midnight to have a few cans to celebrate!


It is in conjunction with other events being held in Madrid & Barcelona.

I’ll be honest lads, if I wasn’t in work the next day I would definitely be there! I suppose I will just have to celebrate on my own in my Pj’s (maybe with a shneaky can!). One thing is for sure, I will be celebrating, because Bae is going to win! (Think positive thoughts everyone)


Bré x

Who’s Ryan?

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope everyone’s week is starting off well even with the horrible weather. So you will know from my last post that I had my parents up yesterday. I had placed my phone on the coffee table while I went to make tea for everyone. I heard it beep but thought nothing of it.

When I arrived back I checked and it was a Snapchat from this lad I’ve been talking to. “Who’s Ryan?” my dad asked smiling. (FYI he wasn’t snooping, the caption appears on the phone. I think everyone naturally looks when a phone lights up). I answered truthfully and said “A friend on Snapchat”. I didn’t add the rest- that we met on POF. Basically if I chat to a guy on POF or Tinder we usually swap Snaps. It helps to rule out them being a Catfish plus you’re not giving the personal info like your phone number. It’s a bit safer plus more fun because you can get a sense of their personality through pictures.

I think my dad may have been hoping I was going to announce it was my boyfriend as he didn’t really understand what Snapchat means. I was like “you just send pictures, like Ryan just sent me a picture of a fry up”. He’ll catch on someday. Sure he also only found out yesterday how to connect to my Wifi and how to close the apps on your phone your no longer using!


Bré x

Adam Hill ~V~ Katie Hopkins

Hi everyone!

Can’t believe it’s Monday tomorrow already, boo! I hope you all had a great weekend. Yesterday I went to my niece’s birthday party and gorged on a million sweets and cakes. If you follow me on Snapchat (breesanchezz) you will have seen that for yourselves lol! I can’t believe my niece is six already! They are all growing so fast. I probably haven’t mentioned before but I have 4 nephews; 16,12,8 & 2 as well as my niece. I love them more that anything in this world. Anyway enough gushing, after the party I headed to Rose’s house with Edie and we watched crap on TV and chatted (and ate more junk). Today I just chilled and had my parents up for dinner.

This week started off so healthy but by Wednesday I as off that wagon! Need to try again tomorrow! Anyway I saw this clip the other night when I was watching The Last Leg. I love the lads on this show and Adam Hill was giving out about Katie Hopkins saying overweight people are not attractive etc. For anyone who doesn’t know Katie Hopkins you can google her but basically she is a professional shit stirrer. I loved Adam’s response to this and his little insight into the male thinking lol. So here you go:


Any remember ladies, as Mika once said, big girls you are beautiful.

Bré x