Catherine’s Terrific 30th!

Hi everyone!!!!

Happy Monday! The weekend goes so fast doesn’t it? Well Saturday I was flying around because it was Catherine’s 30th that night! I thought I’d let you know how it went 🙂

That morning after babysitting I went to get my nails done. I was so excited because I normally do my own and wanted a bit of pampering. A girl I used to work with has done them for me before so I booked her. To my horror I arrived at her house at 2pm and no one was there!! Rang and texted but no response so I spent 30 minutes ringing around all the local salons but no where had an appointment at that time. It began to get too late as I had my hair appointment at 4 so I just went to boots and prayed they had stick on nails with a design. They did! I got Elegant Touch ones with a black and gold design. I loved them, it’s amazing how far stick on nails have come over the years. They were €12.50.


Next I had to fly over to my hairdressers to get it cut and styled. My hair is short, I have it styled like Ruby Rose for anyone interested ha! After this I had to pick up Becca and head over to Catherine. We went to get our make up done in Inglot in Liffey Valley. I was booked with this girl Sarah who was lovely! She asked me everything I wanted. I told her what I was wearing and that I wanted a nude lip and left the rest up to her! Now I’ve gotten my make done a few times here and this was by far my most favourite time. I was IN LOVE with my eyes. The colours were amazing and the highlighting around them was too. Everyone kept saying my eyes were gorgeous all night. I joked that it’s not vain to say my eyes are amazing because I didn’t do them haha! I picked up the nude lipstick she used and the colour corrector primer in yellow. My cheeks can be very red sometimes and I find when I do my make up you can still see it but with this it was flawless! I didn’t want to take it off!!!!

The bag it comes in is so cute (I’m a sucker for cute bags and silly things like that ha).

Here is a picture of my eyes (sorry for the quality of some photos, I don’t know how to use filters yet -that came as a shock to my friend ha).


We were all delighted with our make up! We headed to Catherine’s to get ready and have a drink(s) before heading to the party. I wore the dress my sister bought me for Christmas. Love love love it 🙂


So she had her party in the Silver Granite in Palmerstown. She had an area reserved and decorated. There were old school goodies on the table- flying saucers, black jacks, and glow sticks! Her brother’s girlfriend had an old school Polaroid taking pictures. Catherine also had a wish jar, where everyone could write a birthday message or wishes and put it in the jar. So adorable!


There was a band on called Tequila Rose performing. They played a wide range of songs but all in an upbeat style. Here’s a link, check ’em out!

The night was brilliant, loads turned up and I’m glad. Catherine kept joking saying it’s not a party party and I think it was because she was nervous people wouldn’t show (aren’t we all!) We spent the night between chatting and catching up with everyone, dancing and  going to the bathroom to take selfies in the big mirror lol.

Some of us went back to her house for a drink and I had planned to stay. It was 4.30am crawling to bed and we woke up at 10.30am! We felt a bit rocky so after a cup of tea and curling up on the couch for an hour we headed for breakfast in the Weighbridge Cafe in Clondalkin. I think there is a cult following of people who go there hungover on Sundays, the place was packed!


Oh my God you can see the difference between my milky tea and Catherine’s “normal” tea!!!!! Haha!!

After I dropped Catherine home I just went to visit my parents for a while. I finally made it home about 8pm and fell into bed (hence why this post is only going up today!)

Ok guys, well that’s everything I think. Apart from her gift, which is a surprise night away on Sunday! I shall let you know how it goes 🙂

Bré x





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