My writings on Tinder

Tinder. Where do I start? Tinder is that bad boy ex you keep going back to. You learn your lesson, delete them from your life, and then one boring Tuesday you decide to give it another go. Maybe they’ve changed? Nope. They haven’t. But history repeats itself. Over. And over.

What is Tinder?

What is Tinder I hear you ask from that rock you’ve been living under? It’s basically a “dating” app (I use that term loosely)that connects to your Facebook and uses your location to find people around you. You are shown photos and you either swipe yes or no. If they swipe yes back you match, yay! You can now message each other. Like these awesome conversations haha.



There was this awesome feature called ‘Moments’ which was basically like Snapchat. You could post photos and your matches could see them for 24 hours and they could like them. I won’t lie you got a LOT of dick pics but I thought it was cool because you got a better idea if you would get on (not with the dick guys- like the guys who put up horror snaps or cute pets). But they got rid of it for no damn good reason! I want answers Tinder! #bringbackmoments


Ok so some of you are probably aware that kids lie about their age to join Facebook. This means that when they’re 14/15 Tinder thinks they’re 18 and lets them fucking join! So careful swiping that you don’t match with some child! Not gonna lie, has happened to me. DELETE!!!!!!

Why Tinder?

For me, at least for now, Tinder is something to pass the time. I chat to a few guys but nothing big comes of it. Me and my friends have a Viber group called “Tinder Terrors” where we share profiles and messages. The dick pics go in there too. Nothing better than making your friend wake up to a big hairy dick!!!!! Ha!!! ***If you would like me to do a post on our Tinder Terrors and show you some of the real gems, please let me know 🙂 Obv, dicks will be censored, I’m a lady after all 😛 *** I was dating a guy for a short while and I promise to put a post up about him before the weekend! But two of my friends have met their current boyfriends on Tinder and it’s going pretty well.

Here are some of my tips/reasons I don’t swipe yes:

  • All their pictures look like a photo shoot-most likely a Catfish.
  • If all photos are group pics, I’ve no time to play detective!
  • If they spell their name weird- yes! I’m picky!
  • I don’t reply to “Whats up” “Hows u” or anything with kisses. Have standards ladies.

I definitely recommend trying Tinder out if you’re single (not if you’re bored with what’s at home). You do get a lot of dicks, both physically and metaphorically but there’s some good guys on there too. You never know, you could meet your soul mate. Or at least creep on some hot guys. Just keep it safe. (That sounds like a condom ad) No personal info to just anyone. Here is a few more pictures for you to enjoy.


I hope you enjoyed my ramblings on this subject matter that is close to a lot of single girls’ hearts. If you have any questions or want to comment please do 🙂


Bré x








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