Who’s Catfishing who?

Hi guys!!

It’s a cold one eh?! I have my fluffy onesie AND dressing gown on brr! So some of you will know from Snapchat (@breesanchezz) that I went shopping yesterday with Catherine. We just went to Penneys and I picked up so much in the sale items. (Quick note, if you’re looking for expensive designer you won’t get it here ha-love my bargains!) While we were out Katherine told me a story about our friend Becky and her friend Nicole.

I better give you the background first. So Nicole started going out with a guy she met on POF. They both have a child from previous relationships. Things were grand until Becky saw him on POF. She didn’t click on to him because obviously it would tell him she’s on his page. She seen him online a few times and didn’t know what to do. Even when he was supposed to be out with Nicole! She said she screenshot his profile picture because he changed it more than once (confirming that he was still using it). So she didn’t know whether to tell Nicole because we all know that telling someone something like that can go the wrong way. (Me personally? I wouldn’t because I did once before and it backfired!!) One day she clicked on his page by mistake and he obviously saw she did so he made his profile picture blank (thank Jeebus she screenshot).

After a week or two she decided to tell her friend. She went over to Nicole’s house and showed her the pictures. Fortunately Nicole didn’t get mad at her or anything. Instead she wanted to catch him at it. They set up a fake profile and messaged him. He wrote back almost straight away. They talked back and forth and decided to arrange to meet up. That’s when she called him and told him she knew. He denied it and said it was still there since before they together and she told them he had just been chatting to them. He didn’t know what to say! He asked to come over and talk and they did. And now they are still together! (Don’t understand some girls, seriously!)

So getting back to yesterday, what I didn’t know was that they had used our friend Lola’s photo as the profile picture!!!!! She’s petite and blonde so I don’t blame them haha. But Catherine explained that the reason Nicole couldn’t bring her boyfriend was because he would have recognised Lola from her photo and they never told her! All so complicated haha. I just hope they remembered to delete the profile after!

Well I hope that made you laugh or at least amuse you for a few minutes 😛

Talk soon,

Bré x







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