My single girl bucket list

Ok ladies, so I’ve been wanting to put my single girl bucket list up for a while and here it is. This is not your usual “travel to America, go skydiving” list. It is for any girl who like me sometimes uses the excuse of being single to not do something you really want to do. In fact I think all girls should do these things regardless of your relationship status. If like me, you’re not always comfortable with being on your own, maybe a bit shy, then this list might be something you are interested in. I think that if you aren’t ok with being on your own, then why should anyone else want to be with you?


I’ve put some silly ones and ones you need a lot of dosh for along with some real ones. I’ve completed a few already and will mark them done. The rest I will post as I do them!

The List:

  1. Go to a singles night. Done!
  2. Go speed dating. Done!
  3. Head to a bar by yourself.
  4. Visit a nude beach.
  5. Go on a group date.
  6. Feel confident in a bikini.
  7. Approach a hot guy and say hi.
  8. Confess to a crush.
  9. Travel solo.
  10. Internet dating. Done!
  11. Make the first move.
  12. Kiss a stranger. Done! (I think we can all say we’ve swapped spit with some randomer on a dance floor)
  13. Go on a solo adventure.
  14. Go to festivals. Done! (EP the last two years. Not sure the target for this year yet.)
  15. Date a younger guy. Done! (I will do a post on this one if you guys want to hear about my cougar antics ha.)
  16. Work out who your real friends are (slowly but surely getting there).
  17. Have a girls’ holiday. Done! (only one but it was awesome!)
  18. Get set up on a date.
  19. Keep a diary/journal.
  20. Buy an adult toy. Done! (Again, if you want a post on this let me know.)
  21. Buy something ridiculously expensive or that you don’t need.
  22. Date an older guy. (I’ve only dated like 5 years my senior? Does that count? Again if you want a post let me know!)
  23. Go on a date and stay out all night! Done!
  24. Get fit (not hot, fit!).
  25. Go skinny dipping.
  26. Go on a day date.
  27. Quit a job you hate. Done! Left the job by getting a promotion, yay! Here’s the new office I’m in.
  28. Volunteer. Done, done and done.
  29. Date the creeps (you will appreciate the good guys). Done but I’m sure more are to come.
  30. Take up a new hobby.
  31. Go on a road trip with friends.
  32. Attend a broad way play.
  33. Go on a cruise.
  34. Be a wing woman. Done and dusted.
  35. Scream into your pillow in the morning.
  36. Go to the Christmas markets.
  37. Buy yourself flowers.
  38. Go for dinner on your own. No phone!
  39. Wear more hats! (Weird one but I used to love wearing hats so I’m going to start again and not give a fuck)
  40. Go to a bookstore or library and read for a couple of hours.
  41. Get better at flirting!

Ok so that’s my list ladies. If you feel there is something that should be on it feel free to send them to me! If you decide to make your own or follow this one please let me know how you get on 🙂

Bré x




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