We love bad relationships

Hi guys!

Almost Friday. Although I spent the morning thinking it was Wednesday and then I was delighted when I realised it was Thursday! So I just saw this video on another blogger Be Like Water’s page. It’s called “We love bad relationships” by Dane Cook.

Some of you probably recognise Dane from films such as Good Luck Chuck, but he also does stand up. And this video is hilarious so I wanted to share. It does have valid points that you are going to recognise about your own life or someone you know.

“We can never just be adult and say ‘we’re fucking over aren’t we?'”

“Girls you will stay in a relationship years with someone you don’t even like anymore and you’ll make the weirdest excuses for it.”

“She’s going to start agreeing with you, and that’s bad.”

Here’s the link, be sure to check it out!

We love Bad Relationships by Dane Cook (Relationship Philosophy)


Bré x



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