Celeb Valentine’s weddings:blessing or curse?

Hi guys!

Hope you’re Saturday is going well. If you follow me on Snapchat (@breesanchezz) you will see I spent the morning scrubbing my kitchen. In fairness it’s tiny but I’m still going to use it to justify my takeaway tonight! So I just realised it’s only eight days till Valentine’s! Or as Liz would say “Anna Howard Shaw day”


My feelings on Valentine’s?

Even though I’m single and have never been on a Valentine’s date, I don’t hate the idea of Valentine’s. I love showing the people you care about just how you feel. That’s sweet. It’s the extravagant gifts and commercial aspect that I’m not all for.

Seeing as I am a romantic at heart (don’t tell anyone) I started thinking about Celebrities getting married on the big V-Day. To be honest my research turned up mostly marriages that have now ended and that bummed me out. Maybe getting married on Valentines is a curse? Oooohhhhh….


(Or maybe it’s just because celebrities are more likely to split anyway.) Either way, I’ve made a list of some celebs who have gotten engaged or married on February 14th.

1.Benedict Cumberbatch & Sophie Hunter

I thought I would start with a happy one. The couple got married on the Isle of Wight last year in a small ceremony. They welcomed a baby boy later that year. I love Benedict and think these are one of the cutest celebrity couples, if not just for the way he is with her. Sophie is a theatre director but isn’t in the limelight as much, so when they are on the red carpet he always asks her this question.


Want to see more? http://www.buzzfeed.com/elliewoodward/cumbercute-klaxon#.nry9B12lbz

2. Salma Hayek & Francois-Henri Pinault

The actress married the Billionaire in a private civil ceremony in Paris in 2009. They have one child together.







3. Liam Gallagher & Nicole Appleton

The singers wed in a registry office in 2008. The couple have one child together. Unfortunately they split in 2014 when his affairs and love child came to light. (I tried finding a picture where he smiles but it’s impossible)


4. Sharon Stone & Phil Bronstein

In 1998 the Basic Instinct actress invited close family and friends to a soirée in her LA mansion, only for guests to find out it was their wedding ceremony! They adopted a son in 2000. Unfortunately they divorced in 2004 and their son remained primarily with Bronstein.


5. Lil Wayne & Toya Wright

The rapper and his girlfriend had a daughter in 1998 and wed in 2004. They divorced 2 years later but amicably co parent.


6. Prince & Mayte Garcia

The singer married his backing dancer at a lavish church ceremony in 1996. Tragedy followed when their son who was born in Oct ’96 died just one week old. They divorced in 1999.


7. Meg Ryan & Dennis Quaid

The couple married in 1991 in one of the most high profile weddings of the year. The couple had fallen in love during the filming of their second movie together. They had one child in 1992 but sadly divorced in 2001.


8. Mandira Bedi & Raj Kayshal

The bollywood pair married in 1999 and have two children. They had two yes TWO weddings, one Hindu and one Shikh.


9. Isaiah & Jenisa Washington

The former Grey’s Anatomy star and his wife wed in 1996 and have three children together.


10. Calista Flockhart & Harrison Ford

Ok, so these didn’t wed on Valentine’s but they did get engaged on that day in 2009. The couple met in 2002 at the Golden Globes. They have one son together and have been married since 2010.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals


So there you have it ladies. Some happy endings, some not so happy. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you or someone you know got engaged or married on V-Day I’d love to hear about it 🙂

Bré x








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