My surprise treat for Catherine

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I had a fantastic one. Some of you will know that I was bringing Catherine away for the night for her 30th, but it was a surprise! All i told her was to keep Sunday 7th free. I told her to bring all the following because we would need one: dressy clothes and make up, pjs and toothbrush, swimwear, and casual clothes. We were spending a night in the Bridgehouse Hotel in Tullamore. I knew a few different people who had stayed there and all of them loved it. I emailed before we went to confirm check in times etc and see if it was possible to get a DVD player. Geraldine wrote back and said she had arranged for a DVD player to be in our room along with answering my other queries.

I picked Catherine up at 1pm and hit the M4. She was really excited to find out what we were doing. I was even more excited to see her reaction! Tullamore is only an hour away which was really handy. When we arrived and parked we started walking towards the hotel. I had a suitcase because obviously I had loads of stuff in it and I’m sure I looked like a muppet because we were only staying one night ha. Catherine said “I don’t know where we are” and I said “ah it’s just around the corner here” and she said “no I mean I have no idea where are ha” and I was like “Oh, we’re in Tullamore! Haha”

We arrived into the lobby which was STUNNING. The staircase was amazing, it reminded me of the Titanic, and they had a Piano just to the right. Catherine sat down at the piano while I checked in. Yulanda was looking after us and she was really helpful. We were a little early so our room was not ready yet so we relaxed with tea and scones which was part of the package I booked.


I told Catherine we were staying the night and that I’d tell her more when we got to the room but that she would need everything that she brought. She was delighted. I had also emailed The Make Up Fairy and asked her to give a shout out on Snapchat to Catherine because she loves her. She did and Catherine was so happy. We went up to the room and saw how beautiful the hotel really was.

We settled into the room and I pulled out some snacks, wine and lots of beauty goodies. I suggested we go down to the sauna for a bit and then come back up to pamper ourselves.

The leisure centre had a Greek theme, it was really cool. They even have an outdoor hot tub! We relaxed in the sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi.


We headed back up to the room where we munched on some snacks and put on our face masks, foot scrubs and mittens. I brought a few DVDs and we decided to watch Death Becomes Her. So we just chilled while our treatments developed.

After we were beautified we decided to get ready to head for dinner and out for the night. We weren’t sure what time the restaurants closed so we took our time and then headed down at 9.45pm to find the restaurants were closed! This would be my only critique of the hotel. Is it just me or is that really early? So we ended up ordering chinese to the room and eating it in our fancy clothes ha. When we were stuffed we headed down to the bar for a drink before going into the nightclub.

In the lift we met two really cute guys who chatted a bit. Because we were residents we got into the nightclub Palace for free. The nightclub actually reminded me of our local club as in the decor. It was really good, and the DJ played old school tunes all night. There were no drink promos on but a vodka and dash was only €5. WKD was€6.50 and Sol was €6. I’d like to bring up a pet peeve. When I ask for Corona, do not hand me Sol. It is not the same thing and all clubs seem to do it! Later on in the club we saw the guys from the lift with a group of four girls four guys and assumed they were couples. The one I thought was really cute was having drama with who I assume was an ex girlfriend because she kept trying to kiss him and he was having none of it. Me and Catherine danced the whole night and had a ball. At the end of the night it was great not having to worry about taxis as it was only a small walk to our room. We fell into bed and I had a lovely sleep.


The next morning we woke up in time for breakfast. I love breakfast in hotels, I always make sure I’m up in time for it ha. They had the usual: fry, cereal, juice, fruit, pastry etc. They also had pancakes, salmon and kippers. We ordered the fry and it was delicious. After our breakfast we headed back to the room to get packed. It was time to head home.

We had an awesome time, the staff were all really friendly and helpful, and most importantly Catherine really enjoyed herself.

Here is the link for the Bridgehouse

Also feel free to add me on Snapchat so you can see all my interesting(ish) snaps as they happen @breesanchezz

Well that’s all folks lol.

Bré x









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