Few cans for Leo <3

Is it still Monday??

This might brighten up your day. A Facebook event has been created in honour of Leonardo DiCaprio and his Oscar *fingers crossed*.

Leo has lost out to the Academy Award four times. There have been many Memes and Gifs around the fact that he has not already won it!

But after already winning the AACTA, BAFTA, Critic’s Choice and Golden Globe awards this year for his role in The Revenant, his fans (including me, big time) think 2016 is his year for an Oscar.

So the event was set up that if (when) he wins the Oscar on the 29th February, his fans will meet at the Spire at midnight to have a few cans to celebrate!


It is in conjunction with other events being held in Madrid & Barcelona.

I’ll be honest lads, if I wasn’t in work the next day I would definitely be there! I suppose I will just have to celebrate on my own in my Pj’s (maybe with a shneaky can!). One thing is for sure, I will be celebrating, because Bae is going to win! (Think positive thoughts everyone)


Bré x


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