Who’s Ryan?

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope everyone’s week is starting off well even with the horrible weather. So you will know from my last post that I had my parents up yesterday. I had placed my phone on the coffee table while I went to make tea for everyone. I heard it beep but thought nothing of it.

When I arrived back I checked and it was a Snapchat from this lad I’ve been talking to. “Who’s Ryan?” my dad asked smiling. (FYI he wasn’t snooping, the caption appears on the phone. I think everyone naturally looks when a phone lights up). I answered truthfully and said “A friend on Snapchat”. I didn’t add the rest- that we met on POF. Basically if I chat to a guy on POF or Tinder we usually swap Snaps. It helps to rule out them being a Catfish plus you’re not giving the personal info like your phone number. It’s a bit safer plus more fun because you can get a sense of their personality through pictures.

I think my dad may have been hoping I was going to announce it was my boyfriend as he didn’t really understand what Snapchat means. I was like “you just send pictures, like Ryan just sent me a picture of a fry up”. He’ll catch on someday. Sure he also only found out yesterday how to connect to my Wifi and how to close the apps on your phone your no longer using!


Bré x


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