Chat Roulette, Starbucks & Laughs

Happy Tuesday!

POF antics..

Yesterday was a busier Monday than I expected it to be. I woke to messages from Sinead with pictures of guys she had found on POF that we had met in a pub the other week. Now ladies, maybe I’m just terrible at searching on Plenty Of Fish but I do not see how you can find not one, not two but THREE random fellas from a pub without their username or unless you were in their location (she wasn’t). Creeping skill level.. master. Haha!

Anyway she found this guy who I can only describe as b-e-a-utiful. His name was Liam from Australia, but living over here. I had been chatting to him on the night out, well I mean we both were, but I thought we were getting on well. I had thought about him once or twice since, wondering if we visited the pub again would we see him ha. Then she told me she has been messaging him. And that they have been flirting. I’ll admit, I felt jealous. Why didn’t I magically find the hot bar guy on POF. Why didn’t he find me? I wonder did he like me and it just happens that she found him first? All this went through my mind. (At least I’m being honest) But she is delighted so all I can do is be happy for her. And hey, there’s plenty more you know what in the sea 😉

Being fatties..

So after work  I picked Sinead up and we went to get food in Liffey Valley while we waited for Denise to get off work. We ended up getting Burger King and Starbucks! I was stuffed till this morning. When Denise finished work and we headed back to Sinead’s. That’s where the fun started.

Chat Roulette..

So, have you all played CR? I played it for the first time, drunk one night in Sinead’s house. Last night we played it for the first time sober. Basically it’s like Skype but it connects you to someone else in the world. You can either talk to them or press play for the next person. So yes, you do get a lot of dicks. Last night we got some hotties, a guy in a dress, guys doing things to their bums (my eyes can’t unsee the horrors) and one guy who wanted to be dominated online (Sinead got well into that last one haha).

So what turned into a couple of hours after work turned into getting home at midnight! I fell into bed, was exhausted this morning. Early night tonight, a girl needs her beauty sleep!


Bré x








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