FBI: Female bullsh*t investigators

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

So this morning while browsing through my Facebook page I came across one of the girls I had went to school with. You now the people you barely talk to but are friends on FB anyway? She’d be in that category. So it came up she had changed her profile picture. To a picture of her and who I can only assume is her boyfriend as they are holding hands with their fingers intertwined. No big deal.

Except the guy in the photo is G (I’m too lazy to even give him a fake name). I know G years, since I was like 10. I was ‘meeting’ him a good few years ago (back when it was socially acceptable to use that juvenile term). Long story short, things didn’t go anywhere but over the years we have still been texting, flirting and even kissing if we happened to be in the same pub on a night out.

Now if they’re together now that’s grand. In fact I knew he was with someone the last few months or so. The reason I know this? Because a couple of months ago while we were texting he informed me he was with someone. And that he didn’t think it was going anywhere. And that he wanted to hook up with me. I obviously told him I wouldn’t be doing anything with him while he was with someone and even told him he was making himself out to be a dickhead. We even hung out once in his house, he made me tea and we chatted. It was strange being in my old neighbourhood (that’s how we know each other). When leaving we hugged goodbye, but as soon as I was gone he was texting to say he wanted to kiss me etc. I told him I wasn’t interested as long as he had a girlfriend. He eventually stopped texting me when he got the point that nothing was gonna happen.

Last message I did receive (after a few months of nothing) was about three weeks ago. In fact I had got a new phone so lost his number. I had woke up to a message on Saturday morning with a message just saying ‘well’. It was on Viber so his name came up on it. I wrote back, curious, saying ‘ha good night?’ obviously taking it that he had been out the night before. He wrote back with a sick face emoji and I left it at that. I just assumed he was still unavailable. I didn’t think I knew his girlfriend. But there you go. Right in front of my face. Him & his girlfriend.

When will guys get it? Girls find out EVERYTHING. Sooner or later, your stupidity catches up with you.

Want another example?

A good few years ago I worked for Ann Summers. Had a large Facebook group with thousands of friends etc. I was kind of seeing this guy. We had gone on a date or two and had met up a few times in one of the local pubs. He was very hot & cold and eventually I got fed up and lost interest. He would still text me once in a while though. And there it was. On my Ann Summers page. A girl put up pictures of the two of them out together. The comments saying they were lovely together etc confirmed it was a relationship. Next time he text me I told him I was friends with his girlfriend on Facebook. He didn’t text me again after that.

Want an example from another girl?

The girl who used to do my nails years ago once told me she was dating a guy for a couple of months. Saw him on evenings after work and weekends etc. So why would you suspect something was up? At the time Facebook wasn’t as huge as it is now so when someone said they didn’t have FB you wouldn’t question it as much as now. She told me one day that she did come across his page though when it came up as a suggestion. Naturally she had a browse. Dick (let’s call him that shall we?) not only had a girlfriend, but lived with her. Turns out she worked nights and odd shifts. Which meant Dick could see Tammy (my nail girl) like normal and nothing seemed odd about it!

Think it’s all social media?

This one belongs in a post of its own but here is the condensed version. I dated a guy in work many moons ago. Things ended, he started seeing someone else. A year later, he said they broke up. We started seeing each other again and BAM! my friend saw them in a shopping centre together. With my mind confused, another male co worker who went out with a different friend told me that my ex informed him he was buying a bigger car because of the other girl’s son (from a previous relationship). That ended there and then.

Lads, one last time. WE WILL FIND OUT. Stop being idiots and even more importantly stop being dickheads.

Have you any similar stories? Would love to hear them!


Bré x



2 thoughts on “FBI: Female bullsh*t investigators

  1. It always makes me laugh when I see people re-invent themselves on social media – how they remove all traces of somebody they have had a relationship with from their history (or so they think) – and then can’t understand why half of their so-called friends no longer trust them.

    Great post btw.

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