My writings on 10 Cloverfield Lane

Hi everyone! We made it through Wednesday!

Tonight I went to the cinema with Edie (my horror buddy). I wanted to come home and tell you about the film (shows how exciting my life is that this is the first thing I want to do!) Firstly I want to say I went to IMC Tallaght as this is my favourite cinema. Apart from the great deals they do, the staff are always so nice! So different from certain another cinema I frequent when I’m made. And psst.. you know the unlimited subscription they do in Cineworld? Wel  never got it because I don’t go to town. But IMC is going to be introducing a similar deal! So basically roughly €20 a month and unlimited cinema viewings! You’ll never get me out of there. My blog will have to become just a film review site haha.

10 Cloverfield Lane

I wanted to see this film as soon as I saw the trailer. Yes it is connected to Cloverfield and yes it helps if you have seen that film (but it’s not a deal breaker).


What’s it about?

Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) has an accident and wakes up in an underground bunker with two men. Howard (John Goodman) owns the bunker and tells her what is going on outside. They have food, water electricity etc to keep them going. Michelle spends most of the film not knowing whether to trust him or not.

What I liked about it?

The film keeps you guessing about what’s really happening (and as you all know by now I love being kept on my toes). There is also loads of jumpy bits. John Goodman’s performance is amazing right down to his little mannerisms. There are some funny bits too.

What I didn’t like?

I really liked the movie but I suppose if I was to pick something I probably would have ended the movie a little differently. But I don’t want to take away from what an awesome film it was.

Should you go see it?

Yes! If you like thrillers, suspense, twists, and action then you will love it. And like I said if you haven’t seen Cloverfield that’s OK you will still love it.


If you do go see it please let me know what you think 🙂



Bré x



Friday Fiction with Ronovan Part 6

I really need to start thinking of a title for this ha. I’ll leave the link for the challenge below. Here are the links to previous entries:

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My trip to the Little Museum

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a nice Easter weekend and got some nice chocolate. In Ireland this was a very important weekend and I will be posting about that soon! I just wanted to write a post about my trip to The Little Museum of Dublin. It’s on St Stephen’s Green and isn’t so little after all!

I went on Easter Monday so it was obviously going to be extra busy. The museum has a guided tour every hour but seeing as it was so busy they had one starting every fifteen minutes! The staff were all so friendly and the museum is beautiful. It is the people’s museum; this means it is owned by the public and everything in it has been donated by the public.

What is there?

The reason I wanted to go was to see Fergal McCarthy‘s exhibition. It’s a cartoon history of the 1916. Basically it’s like comic strips explaining how the rising came about and what happened during it. There were lots of children and I could see them reading the different pictures and talking to their parents about it. If you would like to teach your kids about the Rising I’d recommend it.

After the cartoon history the tour began. We were brought to the first room which has early Irish history. The room was quite elegant with fancy chairs. The view out on the green was nice too. Our tour guide was very friendly and funny. He asked where everyone was from and there were people form England, America and all over Ireland. This room had items like:

  • James Joyce death mask and an original copy of Ulysses.
  • One of the 30 original 1916 proclamations which sold in 2006 for €400,000!
  • Customer register of the Magdalene Laundries- you won’t believe who’s in it?!


Plus loads more! The guide talked about the Eater Rising and asked the group different questions. I like interactive tours, instead of just standing there listening to a lecture.

Next we went to a much more colourful room. This went from 1930’s to 1990’s. It had an old style television which had Bob Geldof on it from back in the day. There was different pictures and items like:

  • J.F.K’s visit where he addressed the Dáil. He spoke of the Atlantic as a bowl of bitter tears, referencing the history of Ireland’s emigration.
  • Pope John Paul’s visit which led to the largest gathering in the Phoenix Park ever! Nine months later came the baby boom of Johns, Pauls and John Pauls ha.
  • Get this… gold plated Monster Munch! They were done by an artist to represent the Celtic Tiger. This alone should make you want to visit.

After this room, we were told we were free to head up stairs to the rest of the museum to browse. When I asked one of the girls who worked there what my guides name was she said Trevor and that he is the director of the museum! How lucky were we, eh?

Upstairs there was the Irish Times room. It had a big desk and lots of different machines and newspaper articles. Here’s the day World War Two ended.

Next was the Alfie Byrne collection. Dublin’s most popular politician was Lord Mayor a record ten times! He was always in his dapper suit- even when he took his children to the beach ha.


There is also an entire room about U2! (I’ll be honest I don’t really like them but I thought I better check it out!)


There is also another exhibition for 1916 called Shadowed Women. It’s a beautiful piece about the wives of 1916 leaders. They made a huge sacrifice by giving their loves for our freedom.


I also saw this on the wall coming down the stairs, it’s an old style roll for the bus route numbers! How cool?


If you are anything like me and are into museums and cultural events I definitely recommend going! It’s great for kids to as they are allowed to touch all the exhibitions. To any of my followers abroad, if you are ever coming to Dublin, please put this on the list! I hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts 🙂



Bré x















My writings on The Wind That Shakes The Barley

Ok so this is an old film (2006) but with the week that’s in it, they showed it on TV last night. I don’t know why but I had never seen it before. It was brilliant. So I thought I’d include it in my reviews.

What’s it about?

The Wind That Shakes The Barley is an Irish war drama set during the Irish War Of Independence (1919-1922) and the Irish Civil War (1922-1923). It’s based on two brothers in Cork, Teddy (Padraig Delaney) and Damian (Cillian Murphy) O Donovan. The film captured my attention within the first two minutes when you see how horrific things were. A seventeen year old is executed because he will not say his name in English. Damian, a young doctor, is planning to leave for London while Teddy commands the local flying column of the Irish Republican Army. When Damian sees a British troop harass and intimidate a train driver and elderly railway guard because they are not allowed to board, he decides to stay and join the cause.

The film is mainly set on the War Of Independence and you see the men fighting together. Sadly by the end they are torn apart when they choose different sides of a Civil War. When a treaty is signed giving Ireland 26 out of 32 counties as a Republic, the Pro Treaty side believe this a great achievement and they can become stronger to fight for the other six counties. The Anti Treaty side believe they should not ave accepted anything less than an entire Irish Republic and as long as there was British still in Ireland they were not free. (These six counties are known as Northern Ireland and is part of the United Kingdom.)

This film is not a light or happy one, Irish history films rarely are. It shows a true representation of what went on, families were torn apart. It was a war and war tactics were used.

Should you watch it?

If you like to watch films on Irish history, yes. If you like war films in general yes. If you fancy Cillian Murphy yes.

This film received a great reception and won the Palme d’Or at the Canne Film Festival and up until 2011 it was the highest grossing Irish Independent film (until it was surpassed by The Guard- which you should watch too).

If you watch it please let me know what you think. If you would like me to do a list of Irish films I recommend you watch, let me know 🙂





Bré x





My writings on Soap Pretty

Hi everyone!

If you saw my post on the Screamvention last month ( ) you would see that I discovered a company called Soap Pretty. We actually looked at them because all their beauty products are vegan friendly and my friend Edie is Vegan. I picked up a lip scrub and fell in love. I found them on Facebook.

They actually had a competition so I entered it but could not believe it when I won! A few days later my lovely package arrived 🙂



It contained soaps, scrubs, lotion and a bath bomb. The products and the packaging is super cute!

Firstly I tell you about the Poisoned Apple Lib Scrub I bought at the convention. It smells amazing like a childhood sweet I can’t put my finger on. You put just a tiny bit on your lips and rub them together and it scrubs away dead skin. It is also edible so you just lick away the residue. I ended up just putting it on to eat haha. The scrub is €4.90.


Next thing I used was the  Loco Lotion and Loco Motion body scrub. They have lime and coconut and smell INCREDIBLE. I’ve been using them on my face once a week and on my left elbow because I can get quite dry and flakey there. Apart from the smell they do wonders for your skin. My face always feels so soft and silky after using them. These are €8 each.

There was the Naked Avocado soap but I haven’t used this one yet. I used the Summer Of Love soap first. Enclosed in my shower the smell reminded me of a Calypso ice pop. It was lovely! I also used the Cordelia soap which has oatmeal so it’s bitty and gets at rough or dry skin. (If you’ve sensitive skin maybe reconsider this one)The soaps are €7.50 each.

You really only need to use a small bit of each product so they really last. I actually broke the soaps in half too. I emailed Melissa from Soap Pretty and she told me they do deliver internationally in case anyone wants to order. They also do some funny horror themed items like “It puts the lotion on the skin” lotion.

I wanted to let you know about Soap Pretty because I was so happy with the products.My favourite product is the Poisoned Apple lib scrub and Loca Lotion. If you order anything please let me know what you think 🙂



Bré x

Tomorrow we rightly celebrate.

This is a lovely read about the 1916 celebrations. I look forward to the parade tomorrow.

My thoughts on a page.

One hundred years ago, Easter Monday 1916 in case maths is not your strong point, Ireland changed forever. A group of approximately 1,200 Irishmen and women, led by seven leaders, took over various buildings in Dublin city. Outside the GPO they read the Irish Proclamation, flew the tri colour (the flag we still use today) and declared an Irish Republic. So began the Easter Rising as we know it. It led to intense fighting, before the British bombed the city and eventually forced the rebels to surrender. The Rising lasted all of six days. By the time it ended there were 12,000 British soldiers in Dublin. Over 500 dead, most of them civilians killed in the bombings. The leaders were executed over a period of nine days, along with others involved but the tide had turned. Republicanism was on the rise and within three years the first Dáil (Irish government)…

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A night in with the girls

Hello everyone, I wanted to tell you about what I got up to yesterday. It was good Friday and in Ireland pubs close so it usually means a drinking session in someone’s house. Rose was having a few of us over for drinks. There’s always the rush to the off licence on Thursday but I completely forgot to go but luckily I had a bottle of wine at home ha.

So I arrived and so did the other girls: Naomi, Rachel, Lauren & Daphne. We had drinks, some nibbles and pizza. I hadn’t seen some of the girls in a long time so it was great to catch up. It became a bit of a joke that I would say fun facts because every topic we talked about I able to spout some random bits of knowledge. I suppose I’m interested in general knowledge and always look up random things on Youtube. Here’s some of the facts I told them which they seemed to enjoy:

In Ireland there a few reasons you can get an annulment, like if the marriage is not consummated. But with your parents permission you can get married at 16 and the legal age for sex in Ireland is 17. Which means ‘technically’ for an entire year your marriage is not valid. Another one on marriage is that the door of the church must be open, as it represents that you have the freedom to leave. If it wasn’t open you can get an annulment!

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is the longest word in the English language. It is a disease of the lungs. (I learned that when I was 12)

Apart from facts and joking, the girls were telling some stories that would make you be thankful to be single. Lauren and some of the girls were out last Friday with their boyfriends. Rose said Lauren’s boyfriend Luke was fine and even hugged them when they left. While driving her home Luke decided to break up with her as they arrived at her house. She was devastated because even though they were having a bit of trouble she hoped to bring it up with him and sort things out. We kinda think he sensed that and finished it first. She’s better off anyway, because he was a waster.

Another story was about a couple I don’t know. Rose, Lauren and Naomi went to college with them. Victor and Tiffany got married last year. Victor had finished a PHD while Tiffany worked in HR. It has come out in the last few months that Victor did not actually finish his PHD and did not do the research for it in the last four years. And basically the college are now looking for either the data or the tens of thousands of euro BACK. Apart from the financial aspect, this means he was lying to his now wife the last four years about what he was doing everyday. For FOUR YEARS. All I can think is that if you were lying about what you were doing everyday what else would you lie about. So messed up.

We also planned some fun trips that we will have to sort out while sober ha.

It was a great night all round and I enjoyed catching up with the girls.

Bré x




Tips For Single Women From 1938

Heading off to my nephews birthday party to stuff my face with sweets but had to share this first! Hilarious!

Rachel Writes

Tips For Single Women From 1938

Remember growing up when you were always told to “mind your manners”, what the hell did that mean anyway? Mind it, as if someone was just going to come right up behind you and steal it from you. Sure if you had bad manners nobody would want to take that and you shouldn’t mind it anyway.

What about you single girls out there? You are obviously doing something wrong that men are so repulsed by you. Are you forgetting to shave your legs or do you chew with your mouth open? Retronaut have some top tips, in pictures, to how a single lady should behave while in courtship.














Look Familiar??

Do you think these tips are still relevant today? Let us know in the comments below.

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My friend’s funny work story

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. I’ve had a busy week and will be posting all about it today. I just wanted to share this story with you though because I thought it was hilarious. I was out with my friend Alex on Thursday and she was telling me about her job (she works in a pub). I couldn’t stop laughing because it just sounded mental. I asked her to write it down and I hope you find it as funny as I did!

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