Ireland’s 1st (but not last) Screamvention

Hi everyone!

I didn’t get a chance to post the weekend as it was a pretty busy one! On Saturday I went to Screamvention at The Red Cow Hotel in Clondalkin. This is the first year it was done and it turned out to be amazing! Some of you will know I love horror so what is better than a day of horror movies, computer games, speakers, movie stars and lots more?!!?!

The “Deathfie”

There was a macabre room with an actual coffin you could take pictures in. Naturally I did, and forced my friend to as well ha. We spoke to some lads in there who told us to check out the Dublin Horror Society, which meet for films etc.



There was another room where they were showing horror movies and short films all day. I love short films, can cram loads of different horror stories into a small amount of time 🙂

Main area

In the main area there was different stalls and exhibitions with comic books, films, t shirts, figurines and more!

There were also computer games set up for you to play against your friends.

Down the end was the best part. They had loads of horror stars who you could get photos with and their signatures. Just some of the stars included:

Tony Todd, known better as Candyman. Alex Vincent who played Andy in Child’s Play. Ari Lehman who played young Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th. Kane Hodder who played Jason in Friday the 13th. Barbie Wilde who played the female cenobite in Hellraiser 2.

Tony spoke on the panel. So did Alex & Ari about being child actors. There was a women in horror panel with Barnie Wilde, Jessica Cameron and Heather Dorff. They were all so interesting. I was fangirling over Andy, oops I mean Alex. Child’s Play is one of my favourite horror movies, it used to terrify me.

I bought Barbie Wilde’s book The Venus Complex which she signed for me. It’s about a male serial killer and as soon as she said it was very graphic and disturbing I was intrigued. I also bought some Lip Scrub from Soap Pretty but I am going to do a seperate post on that. Lastly I bought a Screamvention t shirt.


There was a cosplay competition which was awesome. Some people really made a huge effort with their costumes like Jason, the chestbuster guy from Alien, Bughuul from Sinister and Predator. They were all really nice and were happy to pose for photos.



The Gravedigger bus tour was there and let us on to have a look. It is all converted and looked so cool inside. We all sat upstairs while he told us a ghost story. It was very good and I think it would be quite scary on a night out. Check it out here:


Here are another few photos from the day. It was an amazing day & so good for being the first year. I am already getting excited for next year! Keep an eye on the website for updates!


Well guys, that’s all for now. Hope you all have a nice night.



Bré x



2 thoughts on “Ireland’s 1st (but not last) Screamvention

  1. I’ve always wondered what it must be like for the young kids working on horror movies. Drew Barrymore thought ET was real – I saw Stephen Spielberg talking about it on a documentary a while ago. She used to talk to the robot inbetween shots, and they kept the puppeteers working all the time so it could respond to her 🙂

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    • Ah that’s so cute! Yeah they were pretty cool. I think Ari & Alex have both went different ways in terms of career but both seem pretty grounded. Alex said it was always his decision to work as in if he didn’t want to do an audition he didn’t. His parents never made him do it.


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