Sunday funday with my niece

Hello everyone, it’s almost Friday, whoo!

So I had said it was a busy weekend with Screamvention on Saturday but Sunday was just as busy and fun. I had my niece sleepover on Saturday night. She is six and has been asking to have a sleepover ever since I moved in to my apartment. So after the convention I went to Tesco and grabbed some goodies and picked her up.

Slumber party

Anyone else love having slumber parties as a kid? I did! When we got to mine I popped my onesie on and my niece  put on her new Frozen pjs as she still LOVES Frozen. We put some microwave popcorn on and watched The Land Before Time. This is one of my favourite kids films and my mam actually bought me the box set two birthdays ago.


When this was over we checked out Netflix and watched Home. I hadn’t seen this before but it is hilarious! I love Jim Parsons and his voice was perfect for the character. I’ll admit I cried a bit near the end! (this is why I stick to horrors haha) After this my niece just browsed Netflix, changing every ten minutes. Finally she started on the Spongebob Movie which she has seen a million times. It amazes me how they never get fed up with their favourite films. By this point I was falling asleep and would jump awake every time my niece laughed at something. Eventually after eating all the junk we went to bed and when my niece said she couldn’t sleep I told her to count sheep (joking) but by the time she got to eighty something she was gone! Can’t believe that worked!


Sunday fun

I had planned to bring my niece to the cinema on Sunday but when we were driving to mine I told her about The Land Before Time. She said she loved dinosaurs and then went on to tell me about how they’re extinct but that you can see their bones. I’ll just say now that my niece is very intelligent and this isn’t a brag because she is my niece. In fact all my nephews are intelligent too. My eldest nephew is 16 and has been in Mensa since he was 12 (ok, that one is a bit of a brag). My point is that when she talked about the dinosaurs I decided to ask her if she would like to go see the animals and their bones on the Sunday. She of course said yes.

We drove into the city centre to go to the Natural History Museum. I prefer to drive than take public transport as I’m not very familiar with town and especially when I have the kids with me. We were lucky to get a spot near the museum as it was quite busy. Parking on that street was free but I think most of the streets are about €2/2.50 an hour. It was pretty busy but my niece loved going around looking at the different animals, she would tell me the names of them, and I would tell her about the ones she didn’t know yet. There are two floors and I’d say we spent about 45 minutes looking around.

Exhibition galleries

National Museum of Ireland – Natural History, ground floor exhibition galleries showing giant Irish deer

The National History Museum is exactly behind it so we took the short walk to get there and had another look around. This museum is all about the Stone Age, Vikings, Ancient Egypt etc. We had another look around here and then went for a hot chocolate in the cafe. My niece had a great time looking at all the different animals, clothes, tools, and loads more.


The great thing about the museums is that they are free so it is a cheap but fun day out. My niece isn’t at the age of stopping to read every sign but older kids would spend a lot longer wandering around discovering new information. They also have worksheets for the kids to fill out as they go around which adds more fun. (Obviously this is only if the kids are into that type of thing which I know not all of them are) If you’re looking for an interesting (and cheap) day out I recommend it. Here is the link so be sure to check them out!


Till next time,


Bré x





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