So I got the job..

Happy Friday peeps!

So I’ll jump straight in. I had applied for a job in my company but in a different department. Similar jobs NEVER come up unless they’re in Scotland and I have no intention of leaving Ireland right now. So when this one came up I knew I had to apply.


In one of my previous posts I talked about being unhappy in my current job and was looking for another job with no success so far. Ok, so my role is basically receptionist, distribution and administration. I get paid little over minimum wage. This isn’t what bugs me, in fact I love my job and if bills didn’t get in the way I would be happy with this wage. But I work in an office with two men. One is the distribution manager, my supervisor and is on €19,000 more than me. And that’s ok, like I said he is my supervisor. But my colleague is supposed to be the main distribution and I’m supposed to be back up (seeing as I also do reception and administration). He is also on more than me. I’m not sure his exact salary but I am aware it’s more than me, for certain. He also gets lunch expenses etc.

He takes a smoke break at least once an hour, leaves 20 minutes early for lunch so he can go off to the shop etc and then come back and have his 45 minutes for his lunch. He spends most of the day on Google. He doesn’t do the main distribution job which is contacting drivers about orders etc and answering customer queries, I do. I know in part it is my fault, I should have just passed those calls to him in the beginning whenever he told me to just ring the drivers but it can be awkward to do that when you have to sit across from each other. Plus if my contract says distribution, who am I to argue right?


As I said before, their behaviour is so childish. One minute they are joking with you and the next they won’t talk to you for two days. It’s frustrating because when they’re being nice I feel bad for being annoyed when their being dicks. When an order isn’t done because of X,Y or Z it is not supposed to be up to me to deal with the angry customer when they ring. But I do and I try deal with the situation as best I can but when you’re facing shrugs or grunts there is little you can do. This is the part of my job that is stressful and makes me unhappy. Trying to take an order, enter a docket, create an account and ring a driver about an order all at the same time is difficult especially when the other fella is sitting on his ass reading out random articles to the other lads. On certain occasions where I have to leave my desk to pull out dockets, photocopy etc he is supposed to answer the phone. More than once, he has got up and left the office completely unattended to have a smoke.


My favourite part of my job is administration. This involves setting up new accounts, paperwork, contracts, dealing with the sales reps. I’m not trying to big myself up but the reps said I am the best at my job, I help them so much (as compared to the men in the office who give resistance on all requests) that they can be out on the road dealing with customers rather than having to call into our office all the time to do simple things that only take me a minute to do for them. I also enter the most dockets each month. I also deal with accounts with certain tasks and they say the same as the reps.

Talkin’ it out

“Why don’t you do something about it? Tell your boss!” I hear you say. Firstly it is difficult to tell my supervisor when he allows my colleague to be like this and has for years, even before I worked here. The two of them are the same, they don’t give a sh*t about the job. Orders go missing a lot because the two of them don’t allow a paper trail. When I asked can we start using the old order sheets again to keep track I was told by my supervisor he’d “look into it” and then questioned “are you sure you’re entering them?” This makes me doubt myself and it pisses me off because yes I know I entered them. I’m f*cking good at my job! When I finally went to my manager (who is my supervisor’s manager too) and talked about how my colleague did not pull his weight etc I was told he would have a talk with him. I don’t doubt he had some sort of talk but I’m sure it wasn’t assertive because six months later it is still happening.

The next step is to go to HR. This will MAYBE result in some sort of change but will DEFINITELY lead to more awkward interactions and childishly ignoring me. I felt trapped. So I began looking for jobs and had only one interview that I wasn’t successful for. So after months of misery and bills to pay the job came up in the other department. I knew this was my only chance to stay in this company and be happy. And yay, I got the job! (Again not bragging but when my boss was asked by my future boss about me his reference made the future boss say he hoped I done well in the interview so they could take me. He even rang my boss to apologise that he was taking me.)

I only told my manager that I was going for the interview. He assumed it was to move up in the company and was happy for me. I don’t know whether he pretends not to know I’m unhappy or is just unaware. It’s a small raise too but again, it’s not really about the money. Next step was to tell everyone I got it.


The lads didn’t really make much comment either way. Accounts were devastated but happy for me. They know how unhappy I am there. The drivers have said I’m great to work with and that. But the reps. The reps are pissed. They know why I am leaving and are annoyed that my manager is allowing me to leave because of it instead of fixing the problem. Over the last few days of them knowing I will be leaving, I’m still doing my job to the fullest. Which means it is reaffirming that they will be lost when I go (their words not mine). One of them went to my manager and gave out that he was letting me go to which he replied “what am I supposed to do, tie her down?” When she suggested moving my desk into the accounts office he said “no, she’s distribution”. Funny isn’t it? I’m distribution, the same as the lads. Except I’m also administration and receptionist. And I get paid a significant amount less than them both.

Moving on

So basically it is too late to change anything here. I will be moving on to the other job. Unfortunately there is no set date yet as HR have to organise someone to replace me. It annoys me because if I was leaving the company I only have to give a months notice so surely they should be working along the same line? It’s already been a week. You know how when you know you’re leaving, you’re just dying to go and everything pisses you off even more? Yep, that’s it.

My predicament though is this: Now that I’m leaving should I just make a run for it or should I make that official complaint? I feel bad for whoever comes in next because they will go through the same crap. Then again should I just move on? I know I wish the woman before me had made the complaint (she also left for the same reasons). I would like to know your thoughts. PLEASE. HELP. 


Thanks guys for listening to my ranting and raving!


Bré x





3 thoughts on “So I got the job..

  1. Congratulations for your new Job!
    I am on similar waiting period for another 58 days or so and I know I am going to move on. It is not a bad place here, but I work in graveyard zone so I need to make a move on.

    Well I think irrelevant of what things are like and who is going to be like what, if you have decided to move on and if that thing is going to make you happy, I think you should just focus on your life and take a step. With the number of days remaining, do what you like for yourself and your hobbies. When it is all over, you will be glad !

    So see you around.
    Cheers !

    Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, the difficult part is waiting around.
        Well at least when I am supposed to wait 90 days in all, half of the journey is almost done.

        I believe I have opportunity here to excel in my hobbies and self improvisation, so I have set a target for myself in reconciling and organizing. I will post about it soon, once I meet some of the milestone.

        How about you ?
        What’s on your agenda 😛


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