#2 on my bucket list-Speed dating!!

Have you read my Single girl’s bucket list?


**Small update**

#27- Quit a job you hate. I’m in the middle of moving after applying for a promotion and getting it!

#39-Wear more hats. You’ll be happy to know I bought a baseball cap and sun hat and intend to wear them soon… I promise..

#2 on the list was speed dating. Ok, so I’ve been meaning to put this post up for about a week but I was hoping McGowans would respond to my email but they haven’t so I will just go ahead with the post!


Me, Laura & Claire headed to a speed dating night in McGowan’s in Phibsboro. This is where I went to my singles night which was great. It made me have high hopes. This one was on the night before Valentine’s. It was a free event. We headed over and had a drink downstairs. Things looked a bit down when we saw they were asking for more men to come down and join. We were handed sheets which had fun topics on them like:

  • What’s your cheesiest joke?
  • Draw the person opposite you
  • Describe yourself in 3 words


We went upstairs and registered and got a free shot. We were given a sheet which said to write down the names of anyone you liked. I think the idea was that if you matched with anyone they would email you to let you know. I had pictured the tables maybe in a straight line or a circle (like in the movies ha) but the tables were just the normal scattered way.


The lads that sat in front of us to began were really funny (but a bit young). When the two minutes were up each round everyone was supposed to move one spot but because the tables were everywhere people were going different ways. There was one or two cute guys that missed my table because the host told them to go the other way. One of them could have been my soul mate haha.The first guy at my table ended up back with me and all. It was quite messy.

I chatted to a few nice guys. For the most part it wasn’t awkward and I wrote down a few names that I liked. A lot of the guys told us that they had been at parties downstairs and were persuaded to come up for a few free drinks and basically roped into it ha. They still got in the spirit of things.

When it was over there was no announcement or anything , the guy just came around and grabbed the pieces of paper while we were still talking. I asked the girls did they write many names down and they said they didn’t even know you were supposed to! So I don’t know if many other people did either. I didn’t receive any emails about the speed dating so I’m not sure. Maybe I didn’t get matches or maybe that’s not how it worked. I did email McGowan’s but didn’t hear back.

What I liked about the idea of speed dating is that if you’re shy like me you probably wouldn’t make a move on a guy in a club. So here you can write down who you like and if they said the same then go from there.

The night overall was a bit of fun and we stayed on for the DJ afterwards. Laura ended up kissing the young guy from our table and another guy in the smoking area. The music was really good. I do think I will scope out other venues that hold speed dating and do another post if I go again.


Hope you guys enjoyed this post, if there is anything you want to know just pop me a comment 🙂


Bré x







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