The princess and the frogs

This is part of a writing challenge (I’ll post the details  below) Using a quote about romance write some flash fiction.

You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.

Once upon a time there was a princess who fell in love with a local soldier. Their romance was not blessed by her parents who believed she should marry royalty. She planned to elope but on the eve of her 18th birthday, her father declared the army would send 1000 men to fight in Europe. She ran to her fiancé’s home to find he had already deployed. Three days later the letter arrived. Her love had died in battle. She cried for 30 days and 30 nights. Then her mother came to her and told her she needed to be present in the court, to greet suitors. She would look and she would find her prince.


The boys and girls had spent every summer afternoon down by the lake. Sofia and Emilia were dipping their feet in the water, watching the boys playing football. Phillip caught Emilia’s eye and smiled. She blushed and looked away. The ball splashed into the water in front of them. “Arghhh!” Sofia shrieked. Nathaniel ran over to collect the ball. The boys disbanded and Phillip followed him. “Sorry ladies” Nathaniel said with a cheeky grin. “Nath! You did that on purpose!” “No! If I did it on purpose I would have done this!” And with that a wave splashed on the girls. Sofia jumped up and chased him down to the woods. Philip awkwardly stood there for a moment. He had gotten taller since school began last September and towered over Emilia. She motioned for him to sit and he did. He pushed a wet strand of hair behind her ear. They had been friends since they were babies. But something changed between them over the last year. Since he gave her the bracelet for her 15th birthday. “Are you going to the Coronation?” he asked.”Yeah we don’t get much opportunity to get dressed up. Are you?” “Yeah the guys all said we’d check it out. You don’t see the queen often.”They looked at each other for what seemed like too long, their gaze breaking when Sofia returned. “Em, I’m soaked! Lets go.”


Philip arrived late to the Coronation with the others trailing behind. The ceremony had already began. They stood at the back, quiet and bored. When it was over the Queen hurried off. The hall was busy, there was food and music for everyone. Through the crowd he spotted her. Emilia stood chatting, in a lilac dress, her hair tied up. Phillip never saw her look so beautiful. She spotted him, smiled and moved towards him. Just as she got there Sofia came bouncing over. “Nath robbed some wine!” She giggled. They made their way out the back and hid near the woods. All the teenagers took turns sipping from the bottle.

“Why do you think the Queen never smiles?” “Rumour has it her soul mate died. Wouldn’t you be sad?” “Ha, you don’t really believe in all that do you?” The girls all went quiet. “Well… They do say there is a match for all of us out there. When you finally kiss, there is a spark that tells you!” Martha finally piped up. Nathaniel laughed. “I believe it.” Phillip said confidently. “My parents are soulmates. Someday I’ll find and marry mine.” He subtly tried to look at Emilia but everyone saw it. “I heard she’s a witch, the Queen.” The chatting continued until everyone started to disperse. Sofia went walking with Nathaniel, once again leaving Emilia with Phillip. “Do you want me to walk you home?” Emilia smiled at Phillip and as they started down the trail he took her hand. “You’re wearing the bracelet. I thought maybe you didn’t like it.” “No I love it!.. I mean.. I only wear it on special occasions. I’d be afraid of breaking it.” She was pretty sure she saw him smile. He stopped and faced her. He hesitated and then leaned in. Their lips barely touched but she felt a warmth fly through her body, all the way to her toes. Before she could lean into the kiss she heard Sofia shout and they pulled away. “Emilia, quick! The Queen has made an announcement!”


My mother once told me you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince. Mother was always right. From here on, girls will be required to meet multiple suitors before being allowed to search for and marry her soulmate. On the eve of their 17th birthday it will be decided how many ‘frogs’ she must date. Anyone who refuses to cooperate will be arrested and refused marriage to their soulmate forever. Full details will be sent to each family with daughters. 


If you would like to have a go at the challenge check it out 🙂

Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “Romance”












8 thoughts on “The princess and the frogs

  1. I like the story. 🙂 Since this isn’t my Friday Fiction challenge, I won’t do any of my comment type stuff. Really nice story that has a lot of legs to it. 😉 No pun intended, nor frog’s legs.

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