Case of the X #1 Part 2

So after sharing a bit with you yesterday about an ex I’ve decided to continue on, because apparently when you stop seeing someone it doesn’t stop there. Here’s part 1:

What happened next…

Work became awkward. The girls felt it necessary to tell me about his new girlfriend. What annoys me here is those girls. The ones who have no problem telling you about his escapades and that he’s a dick, waiting for you to voice your opinion  and agree. But do they tell him he’s being a dick? No. The fun is in the gossip. I had to serve his new girlfriend once (I was told it was her by one of the girls of course) but assumed she didn’t know who I was. That’s what sucks in retail. Having to deal with people you really wish you didn’t have to.

After the Christmas period finished up, Tommy was kept on (boys usually are) and I worked my last day. I moved on, got another job. I got over him. As I said, it wasn’t love, just confusion and once I stopped working with him, the constant reminder was gone and I stopped thinking about him. I will admit, I sent him ONE text when I was drunk. After that I deleted his number etc.

My new job turned out not to be paying taxes (long story) so I needed to leave. Not wanting to go on the dole, my only quick option was to ask for a job again in the retail store. I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to start working with him again or deal with awkward whispers. But money is money and bills are bills. So I bit the bullet, called the manager. I was told I could start in two weeks. I decided to just go in, do the job and keep my head down. The shop had other plans.

One of the girls messaged me, happy that I was coming back. We always got on well, even hung out sometimes. She then told me Tommy saw my name on the roster and said to the manager “Is that Bré from last year?” (Ok, obviously not my real name but my name is quite rare so he KNEW it was me) The next day he came in and told Mary (the girl who messaged me) that his girlfriend was going mad. She wanted to kill me etc. Firstly, why are you even telling her I’m coming back? We were never an official item so she shouldn’t even know who I am in the first place. Secondly, I’m f*cking broke, you are the last thing on my mind. Finally, and most importantly, I wasn’t interested in him anymore. I had been dating other people in the last six months. If anything I was getting over someone else at that time ha.

I started work and everyone was happy to see me (minus one of course). I did what I planned, got on with the job. I didn’t respond when people talked to me about him. I was informed once day that his girlfriend was in the store. I didn’t see as I was working down the back of the store. I kept working. I was then told she came in a second time that day. I knew what she looked like because one of the girls thought it necessary to send me her photo.

Another day I was called up to hop on the tills when it got busy. All of a sudden Linda came over and told me Sheila said to cover me. “But I just got on?” I went over to Sheila to ask what the story was. She told me that Tommy’s girlfriend was in her queue but that when I hopped on she jumped to my queue. So Sheila told Linda to get on so I didn’t have to serve her. I went back to what I was doing.

One day I was standing near the tills pricing frying pans. Tommy came into work. He was on the late shift and our clock in machine is behind the till. I didn’t notice him coming in. Until I felt uneasy, like someone was watching me. I looked up and a blonde girl was standing at the tills staring at me. Then I copped who it was. Tommy’s girlfriend. I looked back to my stickers and continued pricing but she kept looking. Tommy then went off to the staff room and she left.

It slowly stopped after that. Maybe when she saw that I wasn’t trying it on with Tommy. Although I had no idea what he told her went on. I had been told he was telling our colleagues silly things about me so who knows.

Happy ending though, I got my current job soon after and got to leave. I haven’t had to deal with him or his girlfriend since. 🙂

As I said he know lives with her and has a child (again one of the girls text me) Sometimes I think they miss the gossip more than I missed him.



Have you ever had to deal with a jealous girlfriend or crazy ex? Oops wait am I the crazy ex in this scenario 😛 Would love to hear your experiences!


Bré x




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