Friday fiction with Ronvan part 4

I am having so much fun taking part in this challenge! As usual I will leave the links to Ronovan’s page at the end if you want to join in!

“A friend shows up”


“I’m afraid we got delayed. Sorry for keeping you. Would it be possible for me to call over in the morning when you open up?” I grab the car keys and my bank card, put them in my pocket. “Yes, of course. I hope everything is OK?” I grab my sneakers and jacket, head outside the room. There’s a press in the hall that stores towels and I place them inside it. “No everything’s fine. Thanks for calling, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I walk back into the room and just as I close the door the bathroom one opens. Elena emerges in her fluffy pink pjs, still humming. “Oh, I needed that!” She smiles at me. I smile back. “Just going to brush my teeth.” I go into the bathroom, Elena keeps talking. “Who do you think he sent? You know, to Damien’s.” I keep brushing, spit. “I don’t know, doesn’t really matter does it? Point is, he’s dead.” I looked her straight in the eye. She didn’t budge. “He really is cruel isn’t he, to sew his mouth and everything. Poor Damian.” I rinsed, tried to act like I wasn’t aware that I didn’t tell her about Damian’s mouth. “Will I see if they can bring us something to eat, Morgan?” “No, I don’t feel well. Think I’m just going to lie down.” I head over to my bed. “No problem, it’s been a long day. I’ll probably do the same. Good night.” “Goodnight Elena.” I close my eyes.

When I was eight Firion bought me a pony. It was the best present I ever got. He always got the children presents; a doll house, race cars, but nothing like that. I remember hearing my mother tell him there was no need for such a present but he said he would always treat his children on their birthday. The family always have a big birthday dinner in the big hall. Firion sat to my right, towering over me. I was so afraid of him then. As I grew into a teen he spent more time with me. Myself and a few others were allowed to accompany him on trips. My mother always said I was his protégé, I didn’t know what that meant back then. I was just happy he paid attention to me. Our lives were pretty normal. We went to school in the mornings, some of the male leaders taught us. My first kiss was with my best friend Holden, when we were 13. When we got older we began dating. We were allowed to date anyone, once it was within the family. We would go for dinner or to the local cinema. Once we got back by 10pm each night. This was a privilege given to family members who turned sixteen. Abuse it and it was taken away. Break the rules and you lose privileges, or fundamental rights depending on how you looked at it.

Elena joined our family two years before I left. She was the same age as me, almost 19. She was what we called the ‘changed’, someone who wasn’t born in the family. She had been an orphan who was addicted to all sorts. She lost her parents in a car crash. She had fallen in love with Firion’s words. I helped her through her cleanse when she came to live with us. No smoking, drinking or drugs. Clean living. We grew close, each acting like the sister we both needed. When I decided to leave she chose to come with me.

I opened my eyes when I was sure Elena was asleep. I held my phone as I crept to the door, opening it slowly. I walked to the press and put on my sneakers and jacket. When I got outside I ran to the car and drove off. I stopped at the nearest ATM, which would only let me withdraw $600. I found a 24 hour internet cafe where I went to waste time. And hide I suppose. I sipped on a coffee while browsing for any information on Elena. I say any because there was nothing on an Elena Santino. No news articles on her parents, no census records matching her date of birth. When it was time I headed to the book store at 8am.

The CCTV showed the man who poisoned me. I saw Thomas’ face clearly. He grew up in the room next to me, I played with his younger sister everyday.I got a copy of the footage and thanked Mr. Williams. My phone rang, it was Elena. “Hi! Where are you? I thought something happened!” “No, I just had to head to a store, I got my period and had no tampons. I must have forgot when I was due with all that’s going on.” “Oh, you should have woke me. I would have gone with you.” “I didn’t want to wake you, you needed a rest. We have a lot of driving to do today. I should be back in twenty minutes. I’ll grab some breakfast.” I went back because I needed, no, wanted answers.She was going to give me them one way or another. When I got back I paused at the door, faked a smile and opened it. “I got bagels” I cheered. My smile fell. He was sitting on my bed, my case packed beside him.

“Holden what are you doing here?”

He stood up.

“I’m here to ask you to come home.”


I hope you enjoyed it, please let me know what you think!



Bré x









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