My first time at the Comedy Shed Dublin

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

My day started with some happy news, I’m starting my new job Monday! Yay! But enough about that. So yesterday my friend asked me did I want to do something. Tired of the cinema (shock horror) or going for food, I decided to have a look if there was anything on in town. I came across the Comedy Shed in the Woolshed Baa & Grill on Parnell Street. It’s a comedy gig (obviously) on every Wednesday. It was free in and would have three comedians. We decided to give it a go. I’ve only been to the Woolshed once for karaoke but there was a good vibe in the place.

We arrived later than planned with only a couple of minutes before the gig started. When we walked in the place looked full and we were like deer in headlights trying to find a seat. A lad came by and showed us where there was a free table. He turned out to be the MC Ruairi Campbell. It turned out there was four comedians on.

  • Kevin Gildea (known from Father Ted)
  • Patser Murray (known from Love/Hate)
  • David Reilly
  • Newbie Charlie Baliczk

They were all hilarious including the MC. The humour was definitely out there and if you’re in anyway offended easily you might want to think twice about going. There was a great crowd with some tourists visiting too. They also gave away a free jug of beer and platter of food to someone just for tagging in on social media. We didn’t win…this time.

There were two girls up the front that kept talking and trying to take the piss. I say trying because no one thought they were funny and Kevin Gildea shut.them.down. He was brilliant.

The whole night was really good and we chatted to some awesome people. I would definitely recommend you checking it out!


Have a great day guys!



Bré x



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