The one with the IT guy

So I’m starting my new job Monday. It’s for the same company but in a different part of Dublin. I’ll be based in the head office. Where most people in the company are based. This got me thinking. Because the IT guy works there too.

So Angus (sure why not) is from Scotland and working over here. He rarely comes to my current office unless we’re having problems. The first time he did we didn’t talk much. One of the other lads mentioned I was heading to Scotland on a weekend away so he told me different places to go. Next time he was in our office was after I was back so he asked me how it went. I should mention now, I have a thing for accents. Anywhere outside of Ireland is an exotic accent including the North ha. Actually especially the North.

One day while Angus was in our office he asked if we wanted to go out for lunch. The lads had lunch in so then he turned to me and asked did I want to go for lunch. So I said yes, we went for lunch and that’s where my crush started. (I get ridiculous crushes, but I love them.)

On our way back to the office he slagged me about my taste in music: “kids these days” but I’m pretty sure he’s around the same age as me. I began to look forward to when he would come to our office. And the days he ended up coming were the days I woke up late and looked like a troll, always. But he’d stay a few times and the office would get takeaway or something. And we’d flirt. Well I don’t know because I don’t know how to flirt. Or how to tell if someone was flirting with me. But it seemed like the way you see other people flirt. I would over think the way he smiled at me when I joked. But if his job was stressing him (which was almost always the case in our office) he could sometimes be short and I just assumed it was the job.

One day I had a really bad morning in work when a customer kept calling to complain and wouldn’t give me a chance to get my manager to call them back etc. He walked into our office but I wasn’t paying attention. He called over to me about my computer and I was really short because I was stressed. Just then the phone rang and I picked it up. While talking to a sales rep I could feel someone squeeze my shoulder. My shoulder. I turned aroun,  it was IT guy! I was like that is flirting! Right? I made myself build up the courage to add him on Facebook. When I finally went on I realised he had his page set so you couldn’t add him! So seeing as I was being brave I decided to message him. About something stupid obviously. Actually it was about Love/Hate because he hadn’t seen it. I didn’t get a reply. I had to question whether he saw it and ignored me because he thought I was psycho or it went to his ‘other’ folder (that damn folder).

He would come into the office and not mention it so I went with the latter. Until one morning I woke up with a message from him saying he only saw it then. I panicked and wrote back joking “and here I was thinking you were just being a douche” to which he replied “haha nah”. I tried to start a conversation but that was the end of that! I decided he obviously wasn’t interested so next time he was in I acted cool again. And he started being flirty (?) again. So confusing.. A few of us were having lunch one day and one of the women asked how old he was. To which he replied (after hesitating)…”20″…


I almost choked on my food. “Are ya really?” He looked at me shy and then said yeah. I don’t think he wanted me to know that. Now just a reminder, I’m 26. And if that didn’t seem bad enough I got an invite a few days later from one of the kids who used to go to a volunteer group I was a leader in. For his 21st. The children I used to mentor are OLDER than him! I not only had a crush and was making a fool out of myself mailing him on Facebook but he was only a child! My friends thought it was hilarious, of course.

And now my lovely new promotion includes a small pay rise and a closer seat to the humiliation…





Bré x


















5 thoughts on “The one with the IT guy

  1. Wow. It feels good to know that some from other part of world feels exactly like the way I feel. A little bit of silliness, A little bit of stupidness and a whole lot of love !

    You explain everything so vividly and I couldn’t stop reading to know what happened next.

    All the best !
    You are amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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