Friday Fiction with Ronovan Part 5

Wow can you believe I’m on part 5 already!? If you haven’t seen my previous entries here are the links:

This week’s prompt is an “Epic Fail”. I hope you enjoy 🙂

I stood looking at Holden for what seemed like forever. My body wouldn’t move, not even my mouth. I looked from Holden to Elena to see her grinning. “Isn’t this great Morgan? Holden has come for you. How romantic.” I opened my mouth to speak but he interrupted me. “Elena do you mind leaving us alone please?” “Oh well I have to pack too if we’re going home. Don’t mind me I’ll just-” Holden grabbed my arm and led me outside, slamming the door before Elena could protest.

Firion loved us all, we were family. He loved my mam though, was in love, whatever you want to say. I didn’t realise it when I was younger but as I grew into my teens I saw it. That look in his eyes when she entered the room. How he spoke to her, still using his strict tone but somehow slightly softer. She loved him too, just like the all of us. She was in love with Dexter. As I told you before though, multiple relationships were encouraged. I suppose it should be a bit weird. Knowing your mother was sleeping with at least two men for years. To me it was normal. When I was fifteen Dexter asked my mam to marry him to which she said yes of course. They went to Firion for his blessing. Or permission. He said it went against the family’s beliefs. He told my mother she was neglecting her duties and that she must not continue to see Dexter anymore.

“Three sugars?” Holden brought me back to reality as he called from the counter. We went downstairs to the dining room to get away from Elena. I nodded and he arrived over with two teas. “You always had an awful sweet tooth.” He smiled at me. I didn’t smile back. “I’m not going back. I can’t.” He didn’t say anything for a long time. “I came here to ask you to come back. I won’t make you.” He placed his hand on mine. I didn’t move it. “It’s too late Holden. I can’t forget the things I’ve seen. Look what’s happened since I left. Firion tried to hurt me.” “You weren’t supposed to get hurt. Thomas has been.. disciplined.” “He had Damien killed.” He moved his hand away, looked straight at me. “I don’t know anything about that.” I could tell he wasn’t lying. But the sadness in his eyes told me he knew about Damian and me.

One night I was woken by my mother. She told me to pack my stuff. We were leaving the family. I threw my clothes and a few other bits into a backpack, it’s all I had time for. She brought me down one of the back stairs where we met Dexter. My mother said she forgot my birth cert and had to go back for it. We told her to leave it but she said she needed it because it was the only paperwork we had for me. Me and Dexter waited on that staircase for almost twenty minutes. I went back to our room alone to see where she was. Our door was open. My mother lay still in the tub. If you didn’t look at her wrists you would have thought she was sleeping. I screamed and ran to the tub, shaking her limp body. I turned to run out for help but Firion was standing in the doorway. I saw Dexter being dragged past, kicking and screaming. “Come now Morgan. Let’s get you cleaned up.” Firion put his hand out. I didn’t know what to do so I took it, snots and tears running down my face. He put his arm around to comfort me and I always remember hating myself for being so happy that he did.

We sipped our tea in silence for a couple of minutes. “Firion wants you to come back too.” Holden broke the silence with the revelation. “He.. misses you too. He wants things to go back to normal. For us to carry on with life, finish our duties. He’s willing to overlook all this.” I looked at his face for a sign of humour, some sort of strange joke. “Holden, the family can’t get back to normal. We can’t get back to normal.” I could see the sadness in his eyes again. “Besides, I can’t overlook all this. Do you realise how ridiculous this sounds?” I got up to walk away. Holden followed me. “Morgan I know I didn’t react well to your mother’s death. You were still mourning. Asking you and then not stepping up was a  fail on my part.” He pulled out the ring I left on his night stand two years ago. “I promise it will be different this time.” I thought about it. Putting that ring on my finger, going home with him. Spending the rest of our life together. In the building where my mother died. “No Holden. We..” I tried to swallow the lump in my throat. “We were an epic fail.” I turned and walked back upstairs.


Here is the link to the challenge if you would like to have a go:


2 thoughts on “Friday Fiction with Ronovan Part 5

  1. I like it. Good emotions and reveals. I think taking out the word epic would actually change it a touch. Make it sound more natural. The conversation and closeness of the emotions are too intimate for the term ‘epic fail’ although it is for Holden. Maybe a Pause after We in the final sentence.
    “No Holden. Us, all of it. We,” I waved my hands to him then me, then to the air, “we, were an epic fail.” I turned and walked up to get my case.


    “No Holden. Us, all of it. We,” I waved my hands to him then me, then to the air, “we, were a fail.” I turned and walked up to get my case, hurt and anger burning my skin.

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