What happened after the gig….

This post was going to be about my latest escapades of kissing strangers on nights out. But then there were revelations in the story which I feel are now the focus. So let’s just summarise:

  • Last week me and Deirdre went to a comedy gig. Afterwards we ended up chatting to one of the comedians and going for a few drinks.
  • We both thought he was cute and I resigned myself to the fact that Deirdre would end up getting with him. She’s skinny, blonde and always dolled up. She is usually the one who gets the guy on night out and I’m OK with that.
  • But then, tada! I end up kissing him. We all went dancing, had a great time.
  • Turned out he had a child and without thinking I asked was he with her mother. He said no and got a little offended that I assumed he would cheat. (Although these days you can never be sure).
  • He didn’t ask for my number or anything and I took it to be a one off thing, or maybe we’d meet again. We’d just see what happened I suppose.
  • I thought about him during the week but it was no biggie.

Now, we’re all caught up. This is where it gets weird. On Sunday morning I woke up with a message from Deirdre. She said she forgot to tell me that your man had a girlfriend and was trying to work things out, and asked if he messaged me. He didn’t so I was a little confused and asked her about it. She said he added her on the Saturday night and messaged her to say he lives with his girlfriend, who he’s trying to work things out with. He then asked her to tell me and to apologise. I said for what and she said for leading you on and that him and his ex (wait it’s not his girlfriend that he lives with?) are going through a rough patch.

I just thought the whole thing was weird for so many reasons. Firstly why would he assume he lead me on when we just kissed on a night out. It’s not like I pursued him after that? And it’s not only random but a bit cowardly to message my friend instead of me. And my name is more unusual than hers so it would have been easier to find me. And finally does that mean if I want to go to the comedy gig again I’ll look like a stalker? #FirstWorldProblems

Anyway, there are my ramblings on my last escapade. What do you think? (Non chalantly asking the internet to be my agony aunt). Has anything like that ever happened to you? Feel free to let me know!


Bré x





4 thoughts on “What happened after the gig….

  1. Damn, what a situation! I guess it was nice that he apologized and admitted to having a girlfriend (ex?). It is great that you are pretty chill about this (it seems so at least :)) instead of being a drama llama 😀 He probably apologized so it won’t be awkward if you bumped into him again or went to the gig again.

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