Writespiration #84

I’m coming across some awesome writing challenges. If you want to have a look at this one here you go:

Writespiration #84 Just For Shits and Giggles

The words I have to use are: free, laptop, company & contribution. I hope you enjoy!

My boyfriend Roger got me a job in the company where he works. Don’t worry we won’t be working together, he actually just got a promotion. He’s on the road a lot while I’m in the office. It’s a pretty sweet deal I get a free laptop and phone, they just take a small contribution out of my wages each month.

I was looking through my new laptop and came across some photos. Someone must have had it before me. I couldn’t help but browse. Some were work photos, holiday snaps, dark ones I couldn’t make out. And. Is that a body? I flicked to the next one and gasped. I slammed it shut.

I asked Rachel in IT do they recycle laptops. “Yeah, when someone leaves the company or upgrades” I was debating showing the photos to the police but wanted to have a name. I asked who owned the laptop before me. “Ha what a coincidence. Roger did.”



Bré x








12 thoughts on “Writespiration #84

  1. Hey, lovely to meet you Bré, what a brilliant and slightly horrifying story! I simply LOVE the fact you used a PC add! that made me laugh out loud. Thanks so much for entering hope to see more of you 😀

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