A night in with the girls

Hello everyone, I wanted to tell you about what I got up to yesterday. It was good Friday and in Ireland pubs close so it usually means a drinking session in someone’s house. Rose was having a few of us over for drinks. There’s always the rush to the off licence on Thursday but I completely forgot to go but luckily I had a bottle of wine at home ha.

So I arrived and so did the other girls: Naomi, Rachel, Lauren & Daphne. We had drinks, some nibbles and pizza. I hadn’t seen some of the girls in a long time so it was great to catch up. It became a bit of a joke that I would say fun facts because every topic we talked about I able to spout some random bits of knowledge. I suppose I’m interested in general knowledge and always look up random things on Youtube. Here’s some of the facts I told them which they seemed to enjoy:

In Ireland there a few reasons you can get an annulment, like if the marriage is not consummated. But with your parents permission you can get married at 16 and the legal age for sex in Ireland is 17. Which means ‘technically’ for an entire year your marriage is not valid. Another one on marriage is that the door of the church must be open, as it represents that you have the freedom to leave. If it wasn’t open you can get an annulment!

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is the longest word in the English language. It is a disease of the lungs. (I learned that when I was 12)

Apart from facts and joking, the girls were telling some stories that would make you be thankful to be single. Lauren and some of the girls were out last Friday with their boyfriends. Rose said Lauren’s boyfriend Luke was fine and even hugged them when they left. While driving her home Luke decided to break up with her as they arrived at her house. She was devastated because even though they were having a bit of trouble she hoped to bring it up with him and sort things out. We kinda think he sensed that and finished it first. She’s better off anyway, because he was a waster.

Another story was about a couple I don’t know. Rose, Lauren and Naomi went to college with them. Victor and Tiffany got married last year. Victor had finished a PHD while Tiffany worked in HR. It has come out in the last few months that Victor did not actually finish his PHD and did not do the research for it in the last four years. And basically the college are now looking for either the data or the tens of thousands of euro BACK. Apart from the financial aspect, this means he was lying to his now wife the last four years about what he was doing everyday. For FOUR YEARS. All I can think is that if you were lying about what you were doing everyday what else would you lie about. So messed up.

We also planned some fun trips that we will have to sort out while sober ha.

It was a great night all round and I enjoyed catching up with the girls.

Bré x





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