My friend’s funny work story

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. I’ve had a busy week and will be posting all about it today. I just wanted to share this story with you though because I thought it was hilarious. I was out with my friend Alex on Thursday and she was telling me about her job (she works in a pub). I couldn’t stop laughing because it just sounded mental. I asked her to write it down and I hope you find it as funny as I did!

Ok so I’m in work one morning where I work as a cleaner and Kim calls me and says Tommy rang (that’s the boss) and says I’ve to get the chair dry as much as possible. I’m like what chair, hadn’t a clue what she was talkin’ about. So it turns out someone had wet the chair as in peed on it last night and someone had sat on it and so the chair is all wet so i have to get it dry now. This is a leather sofa chair stuck to the wall….so I sprayed a solution to get rid of the smell I was told to do this but there are two customers sittin’ there givin’ out one been particularly moany sayin’ I was being stupid and wasting my time so my other work colleague Bridget says get a hair dryer. And I was like where?? I realised Mick the barber next door had a hair dyer. Then I needed a feckin extension lead so I’m running around like an eejit so I go and ask Larry the butcher across the road. He does so I come back to begin dryin’ but  I’m told by one of the auldfellas that’s stupid why am I doin’ it, I’ve made it worse. I tell him its my boss’ orders to spray the solution and get it dry so I tell your man it has to be done and it wouldn’t be fair for another person to come in and sit down on it. He kept moaning so the hair dryer went on as loud as possible. The joys of workin’ lol #moanbags

I hope it reads as funny as when she told me. Alex is the only one of my friend’s who knows I do this blog and she is very supportive of it 🙂




Bré x




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