My writings on Soap Pretty

Hi everyone!

If you saw my post on the Screamvention last month ( ) you would see that I discovered a company called Soap Pretty. We actually looked at them because all their beauty products are vegan friendly and my friend Edie is Vegan. I picked up a lip scrub and fell in love. I found them on Facebook.

They actually had a competition so I entered it but could not believe it when I won! A few days later my lovely package arrived 🙂



It contained soaps, scrubs, lotion and a bath bomb. The products and the packaging is super cute!

Firstly I tell you about the Poisoned Apple Lib Scrub I bought at the convention. It smells amazing like a childhood sweet I can’t put my finger on. You put just a tiny bit on your lips and rub them together and it scrubs away dead skin. It is also edible so you just lick away the residue. I ended up just putting it on to eat haha. The scrub is €4.90.


Next thing I used was the  Loco Lotion and Loco Motion body scrub. They have lime and coconut and smell INCREDIBLE. I’ve been using them on my face once a week and on my left elbow because I can get quite dry and flakey there. Apart from the smell they do wonders for your skin. My face always feels so soft and silky after using them. These are €8 each.

There was the Naked Avocado soap but I haven’t used this one yet. I used the Summer Of Love soap first. Enclosed in my shower the smell reminded me of a Calypso ice pop. It was lovely! I also used the Cordelia soap which has oatmeal so it’s bitty and gets at rough or dry skin. (If you’ve sensitive skin maybe reconsider this one)The soaps are €7.50 each.

You really only need to use a small bit of each product so they really last. I actually broke the soaps in half too. I emailed Melissa from Soap Pretty and she told me they do deliver internationally in case anyone wants to order. They also do some funny horror themed items like “It puts the lotion on the skin” lotion.

I wanted to let you know about Soap Pretty because I was so happy with the products.My favourite product is the Poisoned Apple lib scrub and Loca Lotion. If you order anything please let me know what you think 🙂



Bré x


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