The Princess & the frogs part 2

Hi everyone, I’ve decided to try continue this story. Here is the first part:

This weeks challenge is to use a quote about Magic. I hope you enjoy it 🙂



The morning after the coronation, the town was still coming to terms with the Queen’s announcement. Emilia was in the garden, helping her mother hang out clothes while her younger brother and sister played. She could hear Sofia and Bethany coming before she saw them. “Emilia, we’re going down to the woods to cycle. Do you want to join us?”She looked at her mother. “Once you’re home by dinner time.” Emilia ran to grab her bike and join her friends. “And stay away from the boys.” The three girls looked back, a little confused, because they were never told that before. They nodded and cycled off.

While cycling through the trail by the lake they saw the boys at the water. Bethany stopped her bike. “What are you doing?” Sofa asked what she already know. “Come on, we gotta say hi.” Sofia and Emilia looked at each other and then followed Bethany down. Phillip and Nathaniel were kicking the ball about. “Hey Sofia” Nathaniel winked. She blushed and so did Emilia as she knew they had been kissing the night before. Bethany went over to Brandon. They had been going steady for a month. The girls stayed a while while the boys played a match, but Emilia felt uneasy. “I think I’m gonna go home, I forgot I told my mam I’d help her bath the younger ones.” As she got on her bike, Sofia told her  she’d go too.

As they cycled along, they talked about the announcement. “Why would she do something like this?” “I don’t think she’s fully there, I heard my father say she lost it years ago.” “Well, she’s still the Queen. What she says goes.” “I think my mam is worried. She said there has been rumours about the Queen being a sorceress for a long time now.” The girls parted ways and Emilia went home to help her mother. When asked if they saw the boys, she thought it best not to lie. Her mother sighed and looked her straight in the eyes. “Emilia I need you to stay away from the boys. At least until all of this is figured out.” She promised her that she would. There was a knock on the door and a letter slipped under the door. Her mother opened it and read it to herself. “Mam?” Her siblings started fighting behind her. “Right, bedtime! Emilia we’ll talk about it when I’m down.” Her mother rushed the children to bed. Emilia couldn’t help but read it.”Emilia Rose, requested at the town hall for her suitor ceremony, the 2nd Friday of next month.”

The next couple of weeks went by, the boys and girls were back at school. The stayed away from each other, presumably by their parents’ demands. Some girls in final year had their ceremony already but didn’t talk much about it. Emilia was this Friday coming, Sofia the next. They spent the afternoons in the library after school and went home straight after. Both nervous about the impending mysterious ceremonies, not to mention college applications beginning this semester. Sofia had a dentist appointment after school on Thursday so Emilia went to the library alone. When she was leaving she heard giggling as she went to the bike shed. There she saw Bethany and Brandon kissing, quite passionately. They stopped when they saw her but Emilia just grabbed her bike and cycled home. Sofia called by after dinner. “What? But Bethany had her ceremony last week? Maybe it’s not real then,  maybe the queen is just spouting nonsense.”

The following afternoon Emilia didn’t go to the library. She went straight home to get dressed for her ceremony. She wasn’t very familiar with the other girls chosen for tonight. When she was just at her house she heard Phillip’s voice. “Emilia! Can I talk to you a second?” “I don’t have much time..” “Please?” She nodded and walked to the corner with him. He didn’t say much, just paced back and forth. “Philip I have to-” “When I was a kid, my grandpa used to come over every Sunday for dinner. One day, when I was about five. There was a magic show on the town centre.” “Yeah I remember, but-” “I kept asking my  Grandpa how the tricks were done and he would say ‘It’s magic.’ I told him I didn’t believe in Magic. He just smiled and told me ‘You will, when you see her.’ I never understood what he meant and he never explained it before he died.” He put his hand on her neck, rubbed her cheek. “Until our first day at school. That’s when I realised what he meant.” “Phillip why are you-” “Because people are talking  Emilia and I don’t know what’s going to happen tonight. But…but I need you to know. To me, you are magic.” Emilia was stunned. “I… I have to get ready.” She hugged him before he could say anything and ran home.

Emilia stood in the queue waiting to be called. Eventually it was her turn and she walked up and stood in front of the Queen and her advisors. Before the Queen could address her the doors of the hall swung open. Two guards came in dragging some teenagers. Emilia was shocked to see Brandon and Bethany fall in front of her. “Here is the pair you asked us to look for. Right where you said they’d be your Majesty.” The tallest of the guards gruffed. “Well,” The Queen’s voice boomed.”It seemed it didn’t take long for you silly children to start disobeying me. Did you not understand your requirements girl?” Bethany cried “But I love him!” “That is irrelevant!!?” She screamed and her hand swooped. In an instance Brandon disappeared. It was only when we heard a ‘ribbit’ that we realised he didn’t actually disappear. “Does everyone understand now that it’s important to follow the rules?”

If you would like to join in here is the link:

#WQWWC Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – MAGIC

Bré x


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