Friday Fiction with Ronovan Part 6

I really need to start thinking of a title for this ha. I’ll leave the link for the challenge below. Here are the links to previous entries:

I ran upstairs and threw open the door. Before Elena could speak I went into the bathroom and locked it. I could feel myself hyperventilating. I sat on the ground, closed my eyes and tried to breath slowly. When I felt better I got up and stood in front of the mirror.

The hairdresser spun me around to show me her final work. My hair was up in a beautiful beehive and my face was painted for the Gods. I should have been thrilled like any 18 year old, so I smiled. The other girls grinned and cheered. We all headed back Home to get ready for the celebration. Melissa basically picked out my dress, a cerise bodycon. Not what I would have picked but that didn’t matter. Firion went all out for my party. Outside party planners were brought in to decorate the big hall. He hired a DJ and caterers. My birthday fell on a Saturday although this big fuss would have been the same if it fell on a Tuesday.

My mother died shortly before I turned 16. I slept with Holden shortly after, practically had to make him. He knew it was the grief. We got pretty intense after that. He adored me and I him. He proposed to me on my 16th birthday. I said yes without hesitation. Firion let me move to a different room and live on my own. Holden would stay every night, most of his stuff was there. We settled into a little life of normality.

Just as I arrived back to my room, Firion called for me. I arrived down to the lobby and found a red carpet leading outside to the forecourt. I slowly walked out to find him standing there. The silver Porsche behind him gleaming. “It’s the colour you liked right?” He smiled. “I..I can’t believe this.” “Believe it. Shall we take it for a drive” He handed me the key.

After six months Holden started spending less and less time with me. I’d go to sleep alone and wake up the same. He wasn’t cheating, I knew he never would. He was just living his life with his friends like he should have been. He was barely seventeen and keeping house with me. Because he loved me. And I had no one else. I have to laugh at how ironic the ‘Family’ was.

After a quick drive around town we arrived back. “You better finish getting ready sweetie. Don’t want to be late for your own party.” I squeezed into the dress and done my last few bits. The door opened and it was Holden who smiled when he saw me. “Ready?” I smiled back, my first genuine one all day. “Ready.”  I linked his arm and as we walked down to the hall I swayed. “You ok?” “Just a little tipsy, we had some drinks earlier at the salon.” “We better get you some food.” The party was as over the top as you can imagine. All the girls acting like it was the prom we obviously never had. I had a bottle or glass in my hand at all times. I would take a shot and make Holden do one too. “Careful sweetie, you don’t want to finish the night early.” Firion chuckled, a rare sound. I smiled back at him while my skin crawled. “Dance with me Holden.” I pulled him to the dance floor, twirling and knocking into people.

It’s hard to stay broken up. When you see each other everyday. We were on and off for a while. I still wore the ring. After a year we decided to get serious again.

“Morgan, let’s take a seat.” “No, I wanna dance.” Firion intervened of course. “Holden how much have you let her drink.” “Just a couple sir, but she said they were drinking in the salon. She’s not used to it.” “Well you better take her to bed. She can’t be seen like this.” “Yes, bed!” I giggled. “I want you so bad.” I whispered to Holden as Firion walked off. Never one to miss a party. With me gone he’d be the one getting praised and celebrated. “Ha right let’s go.” When we got to my room he helped me out of the dress that was choking me from every angle. I tried to pull him on top of me. “Morgan stop, you’re drunk. I’ll get you some water.” He walked into the bathroom and when he came back out I was passed out, snoring. He laughed, turned off the light and got into bed. He put his arm around me. “You’re the best thing in my life babe.” He sighed to himself. A tear rolled down my face.

Nine months after my mother’s death I tried to leave. My father stepped up and stopped it from happening though. His name turned out to be on my birth cert so he was my legal guardian. When I tried to run away he called the police. They brought me back and he reminded me that no matter what I did he would find a way to stop me leaving. If I left he’d make sure to cut me off from everything. Firion was clever like that. I was sixteen and had no one but him.

When I heard Holden snoring I crept out of bed. I made sure he had plenty to drink so he shouldn’t wake easily. I walked into the bathroom, pulled back the shower curtain and took the clothes out of the tub. After dressing I got on my knees and pulled out the backpack from under the bed. I looked at the clock, 11.45. Everyone should still be partying. I replaced the car keys on the night stand with Holden’s ring. When I left the room I turned left and went down the backstairs. It was the same route we attempted two years before. As I reached the exit I expected a hand to pull me back. Only after the cold hit my lungs I realised I was out. As the tyres screeched I didn’t bother to look back.

“Morgan? Come on don’t be silly let’s talk.” Elena’s chirpiness pierced my ears. I flung open the door, and she looked a little taken aback. I grabbed my case and she put her hand on my arm. “If you don’t take your hand off me Elena, I will kill you.” Looking in my eyes she knew I wasn’t bluffing. My suitcase bounced down the stairs and as I trundled out to the car I saw Holden sitting on a bench. Wondering if he was going to try stop me I just kept walking. I opened the boot and threw in the case.”You didn’t even ask me.” I shut it and looked back. “What?” Not having a clue what he meant. He stood, and walked towards me, stopping a few feet away. “You. You didn’t even ask me to leave with you.”

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