My trip to the Little Museum

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a nice Easter weekend and got some nice chocolate. In Ireland this was a very important weekend and I will be posting about that soon! I just wanted to write a post about my trip to The Little Museum of Dublin. It’s on St Stephen’s Green and isn’t so little after all!

I went on Easter Monday so it was obviously going to be extra busy. The museum has a guided tour every hour but seeing as it was so busy they had one starting every fifteen minutes! The staff were all so friendly and the museum is beautiful. It is the people’s museum; this means it is owned by the public and everything in it has been donated by the public.

What is there?

The reason I wanted to go was to see Fergal McCarthy‘s exhibition. It’s a cartoon history of the 1916. Basically it’s like comic strips explaining how the rising came about and what happened during it. There were lots of children and I could see them reading the different pictures and talking to their parents about it. If you would like to teach your kids about the Rising I’d recommend it.

After the cartoon history the tour began. We were brought to the first room which has early Irish history. The room was quite elegant with fancy chairs. The view out on the green was nice too. Our tour guide was very friendly and funny. He asked where everyone was from and there were people form England, America and all over Ireland. This room had items like:

  • James Joyce death mask and an original copy of Ulysses.
  • One of the 30 original 1916 proclamations which sold in 2006 for €400,000!
  • Customer register of the Magdalene Laundries- you won’t believe who’s in it?!


Plus loads more! The guide talked about the Eater Rising and asked the group different questions. I like interactive tours, instead of just standing there listening to a lecture.

Next we went to a much more colourful room. This went from 1930’s to 1990’s. It had an old style television which had Bob Geldof on it from back in the day. There was different pictures and items like:

  • J.F.K’s visit where he addressed the Dáil. He spoke of the Atlantic as a bowl of bitter tears, referencing the history of Ireland’s emigration.
  • Pope John Paul’s visit which led to the largest gathering in the Phoenix Park ever! Nine months later came the baby boom of Johns, Pauls and John Pauls ha.
  • Get this… gold plated Monster Munch! They were done by an artist to represent the Celtic Tiger. This alone should make you want to visit.

After this room, we were told we were free to head up stairs to the rest of the museum to browse. When I asked one of the girls who worked there what my guides name was she said Trevor and that he is the director of the museum! How lucky were we, eh?

Upstairs there was the Irish Times room. It had a big desk and lots of different machines and newspaper articles. Here’s the day World War Two ended.

Next was the Alfie Byrne collection. Dublin’s most popular politician was Lord Mayor a record ten times! He was always in his dapper suit- even when he took his children to the beach ha.


There is also an entire room about U2! (I’ll be honest I don’t really like them but I thought I better check it out!)


There is also another exhibition for 1916 called Shadowed Women. It’s a beautiful piece about the wives of 1916 leaders. They made a huge sacrifice by giving their loves for our freedom.


I also saw this on the wall coming down the stairs, it’s an old style roll for the bus route numbers! How cool?


If you are anything like me and are into museums and cultural events I definitely recommend going! It’s great for kids to as they are allowed to touch all the exhibitions. To any of my followers abroad, if you are ever coming to Dublin, please put this on the list! I hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts 🙂



Bré x
















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