My non single friends

Hi everyone, hope you had a nice start to the week! This is a continuation from last night’s post so I recommend reading that one first:

Let’s jump straight in!

Rose-Rose is recently converted. She was like me; relationship here and there. So admittedly I was surprised (and a little sad I suppose) when she seemed to jump into this relationship. They’re together a little less than a year and already living together. But the good thing about Rose is that she doesn’t act any different. I see her as much as before even in the ‘honeymoon period’. We go to the cinema or for dinner but also go on nights out. We still do movie nights, she just gets rid of him ha. When he’s away I still stay over after nights out as it’s easier (one taxi and that). This is how you do friendships and relationships people.

Annie-Annie started dating her boyfriend (now husband) when we were just 18. She jumped right in and we really only saw her when we all went out with him and his mates. Fast forward a few years, she forgot what it was like to be single. When we meet up it’s usually for a mad night out dancing. On our rare nights out she has remarked “I miss these type of nights” to which I joked that my nights are always like this. Seriously though, people seem to think if you’re single on a night out you’re throwing yourself at guys. Casting the fishing net on the dance floor and hoping you catch a guy. No. We go dancing, get drunk. Same as you, only difference is we go home alone (or together) and you go home with your fella.

Mary-Mary used to give out about Annie always being with her boyfriend. Until she met her own guy. ,Then she disappeared too (Annie and Mary are kind of the bad example of friendships and relationships). I don’t really see her anymore (not since last August) but I wanted to include her to show how some girls change. We used to go out every weekend She’s married now and doesn’t go to a pub or club without her husband (who also says what she can wear, but I’m not getting into that). I would text her to do things like the cinema, or dinner but she would always say no. Eventually I stopped asking.

Caitlyn– Caitlyn is another good example of having friends in relationships. We go dancing a lot and have even gone over to Glasgow on a weekend away. When you do hang out with her fella and other couples you’re not an odd one out. Cough cough, Annie & Mary. Caitlyn kind of acts like she’s single on nights out.

Annemarie– More Caitlyn’s friend but is always on nights out with us and went to Glasgow. She’s married but her fella is an asshole. He doesn’t work and talks to her horribly. On nights out he has called and she will leave early. And by early I mean an hour after we arrive at the club.

Sally/Rosie– More Rose’s friends but mine by proxy. Both in relationships but we go out dancing and get drunk. We also go to concerts and festivals.

So there you have it. Most of the girls I go clubbing with are in relationships. My ‘calm’ friends are the single ones. The point is it completely depends on our individual personalities and prerogatives how we act in and out of relationships. I don’t think we should generalise like that.


Bré x












My single friends

Hi everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Sorry I’ve been MIA the last few days, I’ve had a lot on with work and my writing group.

I’ve decided to make a list of my single and non single friends. It’s as a result of speaking to my sister Gillian about nights out. She said that girls who are in relationships don’t really go dancing in nightclubs and don’t go with their single friends because it’s a different type of night out that the single girls are looking for. I couldn’t wrap my head around this.

Now firstly, this is my personal opinion and view! The friends I usually go out dancing in clubs with are my non single friends. Me and my single friends usually do the quiet things like dinner or the cinema.In fairness the nights out with my non single friends are no the type I’ll meet a guy on but that’s OK. They’re fun. Not everything is about meeting a guy.  I don’t do one night stands. Maybe other single girls do have ‘different’ nights out but I don’t. (Again, just my opinion) Enjoy!

Deirdre– I met Deirdre when we were both studying beauty. She has two kids from a previous relationship. Their father takes them midweek so we used to go out partying (before my 9-5 job) so that’s rarer now. We usually just go for food or hang in her house. She’s the girl I went to the singles night with. I suppose out of all my single friends, she’s the one I’d have that ‘type’ of night out with. I also mentioned her being unhappy and jumping into bed with guys hoping something comes from it (again no judgement, but it hasn’t worked out for her as of yet).

Erica-I recently decided to ‘break up’ with Erica. You can read about it here: Erica never seems to be interested in guys. Once or twice she’ll say she’s texting a fella but never with much enthusiasm. We really just hung out in hers, sometimes went for food (again, check my last post to see why).

Alex-I know Alex 10 years now. She’s pretty much like me. We enjoy being single, and have fun and busy lives. We both also wouldn’t mind getting with someone if the time was right (and all that malarkey). We mostly go for food, do some shopping, the odd night out and different events like the So Sue Me workshop:

Edie– I’m sure you’re all aware by now Edie is my horror buddy. She is very private about that part of her life but never shows much interest in guys. She’s pretty much focused on her job. We try different places to eat and of course go to the cinema or have movie nights.

Molly– Molly is also pretty into her job (high pressured government job, all I can say) She doesn’t talk about guys much either. We do dinner and cinema mostly (with Edie and Rose).

So that’s my main single friends (I hope I haven’t forgotten someone ha). As you can see we mostly go for dinner. I suppose we always have a lot to talk about it and that’s the best way to do it! I will be posting tomorrow on my non single friends and  will link it back to here!

Hope Monday is kind!


Bré x























My blogger night out

Hi everyone!

If you saw my Snapchat (@breesanchezz) you will know that last Wednesday I went on a night out with other bloggers I met in an online group. I was nervous at first, because I had never met them. I can be quite shy when I don’t know people. But straight away my worries went away as everyone was really friendly. It was great to put faces to names and I even met some bloggers I hadn’t talked to before. The night was organised by Darragh & Ruairi (Twitter handle @darraghdoyle and @RuairaTheKeogh) Hats off to them!

We were invited by Go Quest in Finglas to come over and try out the place. What is Go Quest you might be asking. Think The Crystal Maze or The Cube but in Ireland. There are 27 rooms with different puzzles and games. There’s four zones which consist of mental, physical and skill categories. We were brought into a briefing room and told the rules and how the game is played. The MD Ronan and all the staff were very friendly, which really does make a difference! Ronan explained how they always keep half the rooms free for people to move around. For example, there’s 27 rooms so they will only ever let 13 teams play at a time. Here is the website

We divided into teams and went in. My team had four in it. I think we panicked when we first went in and had a bad start. My team wanted to rush through the different rooms. My advice would be to remain calm, and when you fail at a challenge try it again because you learn as you go. I won’t lie, the challenges are tough ha. They really make you think but I enjoyed it. Now we came last, but it’s all about the fun, right? Right? We found out we hadn’t won any points in the first 40 minutes and Ronan sent the staff to watch us and guide us to easy rooms ha. Now that’s bad. We all received a certificate with our score and the winning team won a prize! The age limit is 12+ but 8+ can play once there is an adult on their team. I do think if I was with people I knew I may enjoy it even better and I know my nephews would love it so I know what we’re doing for our next day out! I’m not going to give away anything about the challenges because where’s the fun in that! Go quest is certainly something different than the usual cinema or bowling. I think friends, family or even work mates would enjoy it! Tickets are €16.50 and here is a promo code to get 15% off: GQ101 🙂

After Go Quest we went to Rosa Madre in Temple Bar. It’s an Italian restaurant. They invited us to try their menu. I made sure to sit beside people I hadn’t got to speak to yet. The staff brought out platters of different food and it all tasted amazing. They also do vegan and vegetarian options. We chatted over a glass of wine. It was nice chatting to other bloggers as none of my friends know I blog. I also learned loads of advice. The restaurant was lovely. It was quite intimate and would be great for dinner and drinks with friends or for a date (for all you boys who want to take me out). Check them out on trip advisor

After most people left us stragglers headed to the Globe where I saw Cillian Murphy, yes THE Cillian Murphy dancing. I stared longingly at him from a distance. I ended up not getting home until 2.30am! On a school night! I’m living dangerously lately. And of course, seeing as my blog is about being single, yes I did see a cute guy. We chatted and he was quite funny. So what is Bré gonna do? Creep on his blog until we eventually meet again.

The whole night was awesome. I really recommend checking out both Rosa Madre and Go Quest!


Bré x

My writings on So Sue Me workshop

Hi everyone! I thought I’d let you know how last Sunday went. I hope you enjoy.

When So Sue Me announced her Dublin/Kildare workshop I was on two minds about whether I wanted to go. The tickets were €75 and I didn’t really have it laying around. My friend Alex is a big fan of hers and she really wanted to go but I told her I wasn’t sure as I wasn’t paid till the end of the month. A couple days later, she text me a picture of her computer screen. She had booked the two tickets and told me not to worry about paying it back in a hurry. So that was the decision made!

Where was it on?

It was in the Osprey Hotel in Naas. The hotel was lovely and all the staff were really friendly. The room was set out with tables of ten. There was the nail station where you could get your nails done with the SoSu colours. There was a sweet cart too. You can check it out here:

How it went?

So as usual, we were a few minutes late to the workshop and it was packed, which meant we had to sit separately. Fortunately because of the talks and demonstrations I didn’t really notice, plus the girls I was sat with were nice. Suzanne began by talking about how she began her blog. She talked about not knowing what to do when she finished school and all the bumps along the way. I saw similarities in my own life. There is nothing worse for young people than the expectation of having to know what you want to do with your life. It can be made worse when all your friends seem to have their sh*t together. “You can be successful at any age, you can become successful at 50” She gave tips and advice on how to start your own blog. This was my favourite part of the workshop.

Next she done a demonstration on how to use her SoSu contour palette. This has become a huge thing, with chemists selling out in a day. I don’t have it yet but am not sure whether to get it. I’m not huge into make up and definitely not the best when it comes to techniques like contouring. The model was her younger sister Katie and she only done half her face. You can definitely see the difference it makes.

After this, was a talk by Rob Lipsett on fitness and nutrition. I’m not going to comment on this because I had no interest in it. I took this time to go get my nails painted. I love my purples and chose ‘Great Gatsby’.


When my nails were done lunch was announced. There was tea/coffee, sandwiches and cakes. Suzanne told us to ask for more if we were still hungry. I made my way to the table but only one plate of sandwiches were there and they were all gone. The girl beside me asked for more and the girl told her she wasn’t sure there was more. A little bit later there was no sign so I asked a different staff member who said they’d check. The cakes were lovely but seeing as it was a long day I would have preferred something more substantial. No more sandwiches came so I ended up having 4 of the little cakes but it just made me feel sick. I filled up on tea. I heard a girl at my table say she was starving. There was loads of cakes left over which was a terrible waste. I would suggest making more food next time and less treats.


After lunch there was a fashion show with clothes from River Island, Wallis and Karen Millen. I quickly realised I wouldn’t afford Karen Millen or Wallis so I found myself shutting off when those looks came out. Suzanne suggested a gorgeous dress from KM that was over €200 as an outfit for the office. Now maybe there were other women there that could afford that but me and my friend certainly couldn’t. I did enjoy seeing how she paired the different clothes together but would have liked to see a more affordable store like New Look, Penneys or H&M.

Next she had two more make up demonstrations by Sinead Murphy and Michelle Regazzoli Stone. They were nice and Michelle is very funny. It was interesting to see the techniques and looks different make up artists use. Susan Tolan from Monica Tolan in Balbriggan also gave a talk about their skincare range Environ which is based on Vitamin A. (Apparently we should all be taking Vitamin A for our skin and general health-I shall be checking that out!)

There was also a raffle in aid of an animal charity. There were also prizes for best dressed, best tweet and the Osprey also gave away a night for best tweet. Suzanne is actually very funny and I don’t think it comes across in her snaps or blog. Her family were all very friendly. We were chatting to her mother who was giving out that Suzanne was swearing. I suppose it just shows she’s still just a normal girl with an Irish mammy.

When the workshop was over you could go up and meet Suzanne. We were waiting about 30 minutes and there was still loads behind us too. But Suzanne smiled and greeted everyone who went up. She took photos, signed books and chatted. When we went up she asked us what our favourite part was and took photos together and separately. Her sister Katie took them for us and I joked that they would look better because the kids these days knew the angles and filters to use ha. Alex asked Sue if she was discontinuing her old polishes as she was looking for three of them. I pointed out that Alex had every other polish, her books and make up. Suzanne seemed delighted and told Alex to go down and give her details to Dylan and she would send them to her for free. How nice! You can tell she appreciates her followers and she thanked us for coming and supporting her.

We also went home with a goody bag with lots of different stuff (as seen on my Snapchat @breesanchezz) here’s a couple of snaps!

Overall it was a great day out with Alex and I learned a good bit about make up and blogging. Oh and a week later my polish is still perfect!


Bré x

A response to the Daily Telegraph

Happy Sunday everyone!

I just came across this brilliant article by Ciaran Tierney. It is in response to the Daily Telegraph journalist comparing the 1916 leaders to ISIS. Yes. You read that right. These ‘terrorists’ stabbed the British empire in the back by trying to take over a ‘British’ city (Dublin). No mention of all the horrible things Britain has done over the centuries, not just to Ireland but across the world. The 1916 leaders were ordinary men and women who chose to give their lives not for their freedom, but for ours. I was so angry reading that article but Ciaran has given a great response. Please read.

How to break up with a friend

Hi everyone!

Over the years I’ve dated deadbeats and jerks. I’ve learned from it. I no longer put up with certain things. For example, I wouldn’t date a guy who doesn’t have a job. This isn’t because I want a guy who’ll pay for everything or buy me stuff. It’s because I want to do things with my life and I can’t do those with someone who can’t afford them. And yes, Ireland went into a recession. Loads of people lost their job. I did. I learned. I bettered myself. I worked hard. I don’t have time for a guy who doesn’t want to work or make something of themselves. Why should this be any different for a friend?

I met Erica when we were both Christmas temps for a large retail store in December 2014. We got on great. After the work finished I went on and got my current job and she went back on the dole. We still hung out. She told me she wanted to become a make up artist and that she had done the course. She is quite talented and I told her she should apply for jobs or at least do some nixers. Then after a few weeks she said she got a Jobbridge (basically an unpaid internship for nine months) at a hair salon. She seemed to really like it at first and then it got tough. She would moan about her boss and the job. After six months she left. I told her to apply to other hair salons because she had the experience but she never really bothered. While she was working she got a lot of tips and that but would spend it on silly things. She also smokes and does a bit of weed (although she says she has quit now so I don’t know). Fast forward to this year and she said she got an apprenticeship in a salon. It was great, more money and she was already making plans. She wanted us to get tickets to Electric Picnic. Two weeks later she quit.

When you asked her to do something like the cinema or dinner she has no money, never mind enough for weekends away. She doesn’t drive so even to just hang out I have to go down to hers because if I ask her up to mine she wants you to pick her up. When she asks you to hang out she’ll suggest going to Bray or Dún Laoghaire but never offers petrol money. One day she asked me to hang out and I checked out what was going on in town that was cheap or free. There was a free comedy gig on and I said we could get the bus in and out. She wanted me to pick her up, drop her to get her dole, drop her to her friends who she owed money and then come up to mine to get the bus. This was at 2pm and I didn’t finish till 5pm. I told her to do all that while I was still in work. She didn’t. Because I wouldn’t bring her around, she cancelled plans.

She doesn’t seem to be looking for a job. There’s no ambition there. She’s happy living at home, not handing up any money and staying in bed half the day. If she was looking for a job or even doing a course I wouldn’t be writing this. I never judge anyone trying to make something of themselves. It’s not just the money side of things. She cancels plans all the time. She will make plans, then when you call her she’ll say she’s over in a friends or her aunts. She’s even done it when I’m on my way over to hers. Guys have done this in the past and I don’t put up with it anymore.

The reason I came to the decision to ‘finish it’ with her happened a few weeks ago. On a Saturday I messaged her on Facebook asking her to come out that night. Her reply was “why didn’t you tell me last night and I wouldn’t have gone out and spent my money”. I wrote back saying I didn’t know yesterday. Then I said “why didn’t you ask me out yesterday?”. Her reply? “My phone is broke I couldn’t text you.” Hang on. We’re messaging now on Facebook. You knew you’d get me on here. That’s when it all really hit me. I wouldn’t deal with that if she was my boyfriend.

If I don’t want a broke, flaky boyfriend who has no job or ambition, why should I want a friend like that? Now by breaking up with her I don’t mean a big dramatic fight or the official “I’m not talking to you”. I’ve just accepted that she won’t be the friend I travel with, or check out the latest film in the cinema with. We’re obviously at different times in our lives. So I’ve stopped asking her out. I don’t text or message her. Funnily enough she doesn’t text me as much either so maybe she has realised it too. Anyway I wanted to share this story with you because I think it’s important that we make sure we have happy and positive people in our lives.



Bré x

Friday fiction part 7

Well here we go, part 7!

Here’s the link to the challenge:

And here are my entries if you need to catch up:

I stood looking at Holden, not sure what to say. He looked at me, waiting for an answer. “Well? Are you not even gonna say anything?” I thought about walking away, running to the car door. But I wanted to know. I needed to know. “Would you have left? The family, your parents, the only life you ever knew?” He smiled softly and I couldn’t make out if it was happy or sad. “You are the only life I’ve ever known.” Before I knew it, his lips were on mine. Soft. I didn’t pull away, instead I leaned in. Like it was the most natural thing in the world. It always had been.

I always remember our first kiss. We had all been in the teen room one night. It was basically a big lounge area. A pool table, pin ball machine and large projector to watch whatever we want. Everyone slowly dwindled out, heading to bed or couples going off for alone time. We had been friends since we were babies. It wasn’t some sort of soul mates scenario where everyone thought we’d end up together. Holden was my best friend. We had a lot in common growing up. As teens we started the same extra curricular activities. We spent a lot of time together. And so we ended up alone in the teen room one night just like so many nights before. We decided to watch our favourite show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Chilling on the sofa we laughed and Holden kissed me. It happened just like that. It felt so natural. And we kept on kissing. He was the only boy I ever kissed while living at Home.

As our kiss ended and we pulled away I noticed several cars pulling up. “Shit” Holden muttered something about more time. Several men jumped out of the cars, some I recognised. One of them opened the door to the black BMW leading the convoy. I noticed the cane first. As he walked towards us Holden swore a bit more. Then in one swift move he turned to me and grabbed my arms, almost shaking me. “He won’t hurt you Morgan. Firion, he won’t let anyone hurt you. Remember that.” He kissed me once more, hard, quick. Before I could question it, the men were standing around us. “Well Morgan, it’s been a long time.” “Yes it has. Hello professor.”

My favourite subjects in school were art and history. Our art teachers were just two of the mothers telling us to paint or draw. Sometimes they would ask someone to be a model for us. I enjoyed the freedom of drawing, no right or wrong answers. I loved it. Not as much as history though. The professor was my favourite teacher. I would listen in awe as he told us about the vikings, Hitler and the Berlin Wall. He didn’t have any children and didn’t take part in the relations of the family. As children we heard different rumours about him. He was a monk who ran away from the monastery. A father who watched his children murdered. None of them were probably true. He still admired him though. He told me I could go on to study history in college. Perhaps even become a lecturer. That was the plan.

“It’s time to come home now.” “I’m not coming home. It’s not a home it’s a prison.” “This isn’t a request Morgan, get in the car. Elena will follow in yours.” I looked to Holden, wondering whether he was right. I turned to leave the circle they had made around me. Three of them moved, allowing me to walk towards the car. Just as I pulled the handle, I realised they were going to let me go. Holden was right. I opened the door. “Morgan” Holden’s voice made me pause. Should I ask him to come this time? I looked back and my heart stopped. The professor spoke again. “If you don’t get in the car, I will put a bullet in his head.” His arm was outstretched, the handgun just barely touching Holden’s temple. His eyes were serious, cold. I looked to Holden  but his eyes were on the ground. I needed him to tell me it was a bluff. He wouldn’t look at me. One hand was firmly on the door frame, the other hanging in the air. I took a deep breath. The door shut with a bang. As the tyres screeched Holden took my hand, squeezed it. “We’ll be home in no time.” The professor said sarcastically. I squeezed Holden’s hand back.










Be patient with your parents

While out with my friend yesterday we started talking about our mothers and their smartphones. I said I felt bad because I would get frustrated with my mam when she would ask me to show her how to do something. Something I thought was simple. And it is. To me. Because I have grown up with that technology. I forget that I once didn’t have a clue how to take a screenshot, or how to download a song, or how to use Facebook. We quickly forget where we once were. Not just with technology but with life in general. My friend said she was the same with her mam and we said we needed to be patient.

When I went to my parents’ house last night to visit I mentioned this conversation and said sorry for being impatient and that I would try harder. And my dad said “you may have taught Mam how to use her phone, but remember, Mam taught you how to use a spoon.” And that was it. Those simple words. Our parents (my mother in particular, for me) have taught us the most simple yet important things in life. Using a spoon, brushing our teeth, tying our shoelaces (we all know how much a struggle that was) and so many other little things. Our lives move so fast that we are now too impatient to help our parents. How to send a message or save a photo from Facebook. Things we can live without. Correction, things our parents can live without. But they spent years teaching us things we couldn’t go through life without. It reminds me of this photo I once saw online.


How true eh?

So please be patient with your parents. I’m going to try a lot harder to be patient with mine.



Bré x

Warning-I’m going to moan a bit

Hi everyone!

I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Didn’t get up to much myself today but have exciting plans tomorrow. I’m heading to Suzanne Jackson’s workshop which I will be writing about after 🙂

So this happened last Saturday but I’ve been thinking about it all week and you know what? If I can’t use my blog to vent then what is the point? So here it is:

For any of you who don’t know (which is basically all of you) I have short hair. Like Ruby Rose/Miley Cyrus hair. I love it but the shaved bits grow so quick. It costs me €25 to go to a hairdressers to get it done. I don’t need it trimmed every 2/3 weeks only shaved. So I thought I would see if I could ask one of the local barbers to  shave the side and this is probably €10 which means I could afford to call in every 2/3 weeks. Yes I’m being cheap, because I’m poor. I promise when I’m rich and famous I’ll spend more- actually I wouldn’t spend more I’d just tip even more.

So on Saturday I went into a barbers. There were three women cutting three men’s hair. I stood there for a minute until one of them finally acknowledged me.

  • You OK?
  • Hiya, yeah I was just wondering if you would shave my hair?
  • This is a barbers.
  • Oh I know yeah, so you wouldn’t? (Went to walk out)
  • (Second woman) Like we wouldn’t be able to blend that.
  • Ah no like it’s just the razor.
  • (First woman) Is it just an undercut?
  • Yeah it’s just the sides.
  • (Second woman) No we couldn’t do that.
  • Alright that’s grand (went to walk out)
  • (Second woman) Like it’s four years for mean and four for women (training)
  • Well it’s just a razor but it’s grand.

And I left, feeling a little humiliated. Their tone was so snarky. If you want to say you’re a traditional barber and won’t serve women fine. I could live with that. But what annoyed me is that they were trying to convince me that it was because shaving my hair was different than a man. You need different training to shave a head if there boobs attached t the body. In all reality though my haircut is a boy’s haircut so even if I did need it blended you obviously aren’t a good barber if you can’t do it!




Bré x