My writings on Trust

Hello everyone, happy Monday!

So this week’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday challenge is: TRUST

Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “Trust”

I usually write fiction, and can think of an interesting story. But I couldn’t find any quotes that brought a story to mind. Instead I thought I would share my writings on trust.

I find it hard to trust. I don’t just mean men or boys. I mean with everybody. Don’t get me wrong I trust my family. My close family. And one or two friends. But I find it hard to trust new relationships, even some old ones.

I remember saying it to a co worker a few years ago and she thought it was really sad. It is, I know that. I can’t help it though.

I can’t help but not trust the friend who lied to me about doing nothing for Halloween, only to find out she went to a party I wasn’t invited to.

I can’t help but not trust the boy who hurt me years ago and promised he’s changed but makes no effort to show that.

I can’t help but not trust the next man who says he loves me when the ones before were lying.

I can’t help but not trust the friend that doesn’t even invite me to her hens and I find out from a friend of a friend.

I find it terrifying to trust someone I love with my life when you hear women telling you about their husband leaving them for another woman after 30 years.

There are many things over the years that have made it hard for me to trust people, yes mostly guys but friends too. Close friends, or so I thought. This can hurt even more than some boyfriend and the trust that’s broken can take longer to repair.

I used to be cautious abut guys and then I’d think “you can’t live like that, take the chance etc” and I did. And I get hurt. There is only so much trust you can give one person. You run out of it. So I have my close friends, and my family who have earned and kept my trust over the years. And that is all I need right now.




Bré x




One thought on “My writings on Trust

  1. Trust is a hard issue but I do hope you find it in your soul to try it out. Not all times you trust someone have to end badly. Think of the positives and you will find trust a much easier path to follow. Well done! ❤


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