Friday fiction part 7

Well here we go, part 7!

Here’s the link to the challenge:

And here are my entries if you need to catch up:

I stood looking at Holden, not sure what to say. He looked at me, waiting for an answer. “Well? Are you not even gonna say anything?” I thought about walking away, running to the car door. But I wanted to know. I needed to know. “Would you have left? The family, your parents, the only life you ever knew?” He smiled softly and I couldn’t make out if it was happy or sad. “You are the only life I’ve ever known.” Before I knew it, his lips were on mine. Soft. I didn’t pull away, instead I leaned in. Like it was the most natural thing in the world. It always had been.

I always remember our first kiss. We had all been in the teen room one night. It was basically a big lounge area. A pool table, pin ball machine and large projector to watch whatever we want. Everyone slowly dwindled out, heading to bed or couples going off for alone time. We had been friends since we were babies. It wasn’t some sort of soul mates scenario where everyone thought we’d end up together. Holden was my best friend. We had a lot in common growing up. As teens we started the same extra curricular activities. We spent a lot of time together. And so we ended up alone in the teen room one night just like so many nights before. We decided to watch our favourite show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Chilling on the sofa we laughed and Holden kissed me. It happened just like that. It felt so natural. And we kept on kissing. He was the only boy I ever kissed while living at Home.

As our kiss ended and we pulled away I noticed several cars pulling up. “Shit” Holden muttered something about more time. Several men jumped out of the cars, some I recognised. One of them opened the door to the black BMW leading the convoy. I noticed the cane first. As he walked towards us Holden swore a bit more. Then in one swift move he turned to me and grabbed my arms, almost shaking me. “He won’t hurt you Morgan. Firion, he won’t let anyone hurt you. Remember that.” He kissed me once more, hard, quick. Before I could question it, the men were standing around us. “Well Morgan, it’s been a long time.” “Yes it has. Hello professor.”

My favourite subjects in school were art and history. Our art teachers were just two of the mothers telling us to paint or draw. Sometimes they would ask someone to be a model for us. I enjoyed the freedom of drawing, no right or wrong answers. I loved it. Not as much as history though. The professor was my favourite teacher. I would listen in awe as he told us about the vikings, Hitler and the Berlin Wall. He didn’t have any children and didn’t take part in the relations of the family. As children we heard different rumours about him. He was a monk who ran away from the monastery. A father who watched his children murdered. None of them were probably true. He still admired him though. He told me I could go on to study history in college. Perhaps even become a lecturer. That was the plan.

“It’s time to come home now.” “I’m not coming home. It’s not a home it’s a prison.” “This isn’t a request Morgan, get in the car. Elena will follow in yours.” I looked to Holden, wondering whether he was right. I turned to leave the circle they had made around me. Three of them moved, allowing me to walk towards the car. Just as I pulled the handle, I realised they were going to let me go. Holden was right. I opened the door. “Morgan” Holden’s voice made me pause. Should I ask him to come this time? I looked back and my heart stopped. The professor spoke again. “If you don’t get in the car, I will put a bullet in his head.” His arm was outstretched, the handgun just barely touching Holden’s temple. His eyes were serious, cold. I looked to Holden  but his eyes were on the ground. I needed him to tell me it was a bluff. He wouldn’t look at me. One hand was firmly on the door frame, the other hanging in the air. I took a deep breath. The door shut with a bang. As the tyres screeched Holden took my hand, squeezed it. “We’ll be home in no time.” The professor said sarcastically. I squeezed Holden’s hand back.











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