My blogger night out

Hi everyone!

If you saw my Snapchat (@breesanchezz) you will know that last Wednesday I went on a night out with other bloggers I met in an online group. I was nervous at first, because I had never met them. I can be quite shy when I don’t know people. But straight away my worries went away as everyone was really friendly. It was great to put faces to names and I even met some bloggers I hadn’t talked to before. The night was organised by Darragh & Ruairi (Twitter handle @darraghdoyle and @RuairaTheKeogh) Hats off to them!

We were invited by Go Quest in Finglas to come over and try out the place. What is Go Quest you might be asking. Think The Crystal Maze or The Cube but in Ireland. There are 27 rooms with different puzzles and games. There’s four zones which consist of mental, physical and skill categories. We were brought into a briefing room and told the rules and how the game is played. The MD Ronan and all the staff were very friendly, which really does make a difference! Ronan explained how they always keep half the rooms free for people to move around. For example, there’s 27 rooms so they will only ever let 13 teams play at a time. Here is the website

We divided into teams and went in. My team had four in it. I think we panicked when we first went in and had a bad start. My team wanted to rush through the different rooms. My advice would be to remain calm, and when you fail at a challenge try it again because you learn as you go. I won’t lie, the challenges are tough ha. They really make you think but I enjoyed it. Now we came last, but it’s all about the fun, right? Right? We found out we hadn’t won any points in the first 40 minutes and Ronan sent the staff to watch us and guide us to easy rooms ha. Now that’s bad. We all received a certificate with our score and the winning team won a prize! The age limit is 12+ but 8+ can play once there is an adult on their team. I do think if I was with people I knew I may enjoy it even better and I know my nephews would love it so I know what we’re doing for our next day out! I’m not going to give away anything about the challenges because where’s the fun in that! Go quest is certainly something different than the usual cinema or bowling. I think friends, family or even work mates would enjoy it! Tickets are €16.50 and here is a promo code to get 15% off: GQ101 🙂

After Go Quest we went to Rosa Madre in Temple Bar. It’s an Italian restaurant. They invited us to try their menu. I made sure to sit beside people I hadn’t got to speak to yet. The staff brought out platters of different food and it all tasted amazing. They also do vegan and vegetarian options. We chatted over a glass of wine. It was nice chatting to other bloggers as none of my friends know I blog. I also learned loads of advice. The restaurant was lovely. It was quite intimate and would be great for dinner and drinks with friends or for a date (for all you boys who want to take me out). Check them out on trip advisor

After most people left us stragglers headed to the Globe where I saw Cillian Murphy, yes THE Cillian Murphy dancing. I stared longingly at him from a distance. I ended up not getting home until 2.30am! On a school night! I’m living dangerously lately. And of course, seeing as my blog is about being single, yes I did see a cute guy. We chatted and he was quite funny. So what is Bré gonna do? Creep on his blog until we eventually meet again.

The whole night was awesome. I really recommend checking out both Rosa Madre and Go Quest!


Bré x


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