My writings on So Sue Me workshop

Hi everyone! I thought I’d let you know how last Sunday went. I hope you enjoy.

When So Sue Me announced her Dublin/Kildare workshop I was on two minds about whether I wanted to go. The tickets were €75 and I didn’t really have it laying around. My friend Alex is a big fan of hers and she really wanted to go but I told her I wasn’t sure as I wasn’t paid till the end of the month. A couple days later, she text me a picture of her computer screen. She had booked the two tickets and told me not to worry about paying it back in a hurry. So that was the decision made!

Where was it on?

It was in the Osprey Hotel in Naas. The hotel was lovely and all the staff were really friendly. The room was set out with tables of ten. There was the nail station where you could get your nails done with the SoSu colours. There was a sweet cart too. You can check it out here:

How it went?

So as usual, we were a few minutes late to the workshop and it was packed, which meant we had to sit separately. Fortunately because of the talks and demonstrations I didn’t really notice, plus the girls I was sat with were nice. Suzanne began by talking about how she began her blog. She talked about not knowing what to do when she finished school and all the bumps along the way. I saw similarities in my own life. There is nothing worse for young people than the expectation of having to know what you want to do with your life. It can be made worse when all your friends seem to have their sh*t together. “You can be successful at any age, you can become successful at 50” She gave tips and advice on how to start your own blog. This was my favourite part of the workshop.

Next she done a demonstration on how to use her SoSu contour palette. This has become a huge thing, with chemists selling out in a day. I don’t have it yet but am not sure whether to get it. I’m not huge into make up and definitely not the best when it comes to techniques like contouring. The model was her younger sister Katie and she only done half her face. You can definitely see the difference it makes.

After this, was a talk by Rob Lipsett on fitness and nutrition. I’m not going to comment on this because I had no interest in it. I took this time to go get my nails painted. I love my purples and chose ‘Great Gatsby’.


When my nails were done lunch was announced. There was tea/coffee, sandwiches and cakes. Suzanne told us to ask for more if we were still hungry. I made my way to the table but only one plate of sandwiches were there and they were all gone. The girl beside me asked for more and the girl told her she wasn’t sure there was more. A little bit later there was no sign so I asked a different staff member who said they’d check. The cakes were lovely but seeing as it was a long day I would have preferred something more substantial. No more sandwiches came so I ended up having 4 of the little cakes but it just made me feel sick. I filled up on tea. I heard a girl at my table say she was starving. There was loads of cakes left over which was a terrible waste. I would suggest making more food next time and less treats.


After lunch there was a fashion show with clothes from River Island, Wallis and Karen Millen. I quickly realised I wouldn’t afford Karen Millen or Wallis so I found myself shutting off when those looks came out. Suzanne suggested a gorgeous dress from KM that was over €200 as an outfit for the office. Now maybe there were other women there that could afford that but me and my friend certainly couldn’t. I did enjoy seeing how she paired the different clothes together but would have liked to see a more affordable store like New Look, Penneys or H&M.

Next she had two more make up demonstrations by Sinead Murphy and Michelle Regazzoli Stone. They were nice and Michelle is very funny. It was interesting to see the techniques and looks different make up artists use. Susan Tolan from Monica Tolan in Balbriggan also gave a talk about their skincare range Environ which is based on Vitamin A. (Apparently we should all be taking Vitamin A for our skin and general health-I shall be checking that out!)

There was also a raffle in aid of an animal charity. There were also prizes for best dressed, best tweet and the Osprey also gave away a night for best tweet. Suzanne is actually very funny and I don’t think it comes across in her snaps or blog. Her family were all very friendly. We were chatting to her mother who was giving out that Suzanne was swearing. I suppose it just shows she’s still just a normal girl with an Irish mammy.

When the workshop was over you could go up and meet Suzanne. We were waiting about 30 minutes and there was still loads behind us too. But Suzanne smiled and greeted everyone who went up. She took photos, signed books and chatted. When we went up she asked us what our favourite part was and took photos together and separately. Her sister Katie took them for us and I joked that they would look better because the kids these days knew the angles and filters to use ha. Alex asked Sue if she was discontinuing her old polishes as she was looking for three of them. I pointed out that Alex had every other polish, her books and make up. Suzanne seemed delighted and told Alex to go down and give her details to Dylan and she would send them to her for free. How nice! You can tell she appreciates her followers and she thanked us for coming and supporting her.

We also went home with a goody bag with lots of different stuff (as seen on my Snapchat @breesanchezz) here’s a couple of snaps!

Overall it was a great day out with Alex and I learned a good bit about make up and blogging. Oh and a week later my polish is still perfect!


Bré x


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