My single friends

Hi everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Sorry I’ve been MIA the last few days, I’ve had a lot on with work and my writing group.

I’ve decided to make a list of my single and non single friends. It’s as a result of speaking to my sister Gillian about nights out. She said that girls who are in relationships don’t really go dancing in nightclubs and don’t go with their single friends because it’s a different type of night out that the single girls are looking for. I couldn’t wrap my head around this.

Now firstly, this is my personal opinion and view! The friends I usually go out dancing in clubs with are my non single friends. Me and my single friends usually do the quiet things like dinner or the cinema.In fairness the nights out with my non single friends are no the type I’ll meet a guy on but that’s OK. They’re fun. Not everything is about meeting a guy.  I don’t do one night stands. Maybe other single girls do have ‘different’ nights out but I don’t. (Again, just my opinion) Enjoy!

Deirdre– I met Deirdre when we were both studying beauty. She has two kids from a previous relationship. Their father takes them midweek so we used to go out partying (before my 9-5 job) so that’s rarer now. We usually just go for food or hang in her house. She’s the girl I went to the singles night with. I suppose out of all my single friends, she’s the one I’d have that ‘type’ of night out with. I also mentioned her being unhappy and jumping into bed with guys hoping something comes from it (again no judgement, but it hasn’t worked out for her as of yet).

Erica-I recently decided to ‘break up’ with Erica. You can read about it here: Erica never seems to be interested in guys. Once or twice she’ll say she’s texting a fella but never with much enthusiasm. We really just hung out in hers, sometimes went for food (again, check my last post to see why).

Alex-I know Alex 10 years now. She’s pretty much like me. We enjoy being single, and have fun and busy lives. We both also wouldn’t mind getting with someone if the time was right (and all that malarkey). We mostly go for food, do some shopping, the odd night out and different events like the So Sue Me workshop:

Edie– I’m sure you’re all aware by now Edie is my horror buddy. She is very private about that part of her life but never shows much interest in guys. She’s pretty much focused on her job. We try different places to eat and of course go to the cinema or have movie nights.

Molly– Molly is also pretty into her job (high pressured government job, all I can say) She doesn’t talk about guys much either. We do dinner and cinema mostly (with Edie and Rose).

So that’s my main single friends (I hope I haven’t forgotten someone ha). As you can see we mostly go for dinner. I suppose we always have a lot to talk about it and that’s the best way to do it! I will be posting tomorrow on my non single friends and  will link it back to here!

Hope Monday is kind!


Bré x
























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